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The Nite Ranter does not make a habit of promoting petitions but this came to my attention and seems to be a worthwhile and informative effort on the part of CREDO ACTION. The Story According to FOX NEWS! Here’s The Real Story! Tweet

The Millions of Dollars Just Keep on Keeping on… Sarah Palin, the million dollar diva of the “dumbnifites”! Not a bad take in the money market con game being perpetrated by the “Queen of  Wasilla.” From her pay as the quitter Governor of Alaska, which was $125,000 a year, to this the latest and most accurate […]

What is going on? The sane world as we know it in the political arena has fallen into the abyss. The crazies are the front runners. Case in point. Christine O’Donnell. Tweet

What a start to our American Political News week. The “Three Stooges.” I’m not speaking of the early film icons… Larry, Moe and Curly. The media focus was on the Rally comments of Sarah, Glenn and Newt. They are the 21st Century “Three Stooges!” Tweet

The 2012 Tea Party’s Toilet Ticket “They”… clamor about, praise, drool, salivate, buy her book and virtually can’t get enough of Mama Grizzly… Sarah Palin and now, her latest best bud… Glenn M. Beck. (The “M” is for moron!”) I know… the middle initial is “L”, but I stand behind artistic license! “They”… are the […]

This will be a short Rant from The Nite Ranter… THIS JUST IN: Well, this just about takes the proverbial nut cake. Glenn Beck standing in front of The Lincoln Memorial spouting out his moronic wisdom which is intended to improve media sponsorship, listeners and most importantly money in his pocket. He needs as much […]

Sarah Palin puts paw in mouth… Tweet


Women Voters and Sarah Palin

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Since the former Governor of Alaska is on the money-speaking trail for The Tea Party; after giving up her day job in the middle of a “Wasilla” stream… so to speak, several women have asked me to conduct an informal, purely unscientific poll of American women as to their thoughts regarding the losing Vice Presidential […]