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Let’s try and get the facts right. The pander in Washington about the budget deficit is a topic of hot media debate and every politician with a mouth is spouting out his or her opinions as to what to do and… who is to blame. The overwhelming opinion of the Republican Party stalwarts and their […]

First, let’s look into the eyes of a tyrannical and insidious dictator of over 40 years of brutality on his people. This is not a pretty picture. But, it is real! Now imagine if you can, being subservient to a person so bizarre and deranged controlling your government, your nation, your life, and your family […]

The new color for 2011 is neither Blue nor Red. Instead, the new trendy color will be Orange. And get used to it. It’s the color of the rookie Republican (GOP) Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Here is a quick look at his Orangeness just in case its glare hasn’t blasted you into submission […]