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The BP Deep Water Horizon, Macondo Well, TransOcean, U.S. Coast Guard, Billy Nungesser, Boom, Chad Allen, Anderson Cooper, Top Kill, Clean-up Crews, Tony Hayward, Marshes, Bayous, Plaquemines Parish …remember these?  They and too many others became icons of the day when the worst oil disaster in our Nation’s history hit the Gulf Coast of  Louisiana, […]

“Say it ain’t so!” That’s a popular Southern expression that is echoing through the Parishes, bayous and marshes of this Louisiana coastline once again. This is really “Breaking News” and if true is certainly not good news! The Nite Ranter sat at this Grand Isle, LA – Marina Bar (pictured above) during the BP Deep […]

Just a quick note from The Nite Ranter… Due to the research required to accurately Rant about these two important topics, this note to Ranter Fans is similar to but not quite like the News Channels telling you with a promo what’s next… and hooking you into five commercials and then waiting to the last […]

There exists a wonderful culture in the bayous, marshes and watersheds of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. A proud and mostly private people. People who love the water, the land and respect it at all costs. The vast majority of this strong and vibrant culture are descendants of French colonists who first settled here in what […]

NOTE TO RANTER FANS: I am deviating from my normal Ranting(s) to bring you an up-close and personal two-part series of observations, still photographs, and comments gleaned from my recent trip to New Orleans, The French Quarter, St. Bernard Parish, La Fouche’, Golden Meadow and Grand Isle, Louisiana.  I hope that my comments and personal […]

Yes… I’m trippin’ out to the front lines of the BP Oil Spill to talk live with the real folks who are hurting from this tragic disaster. I’ll speak to the people on the street like you and me… and get their undiluted, heartfelt comments. I’m also going to the Ninth Ward to look at […]