As Americans, we have lost one of our great commentators, newscasters, and our no holds barred conversationalist… Andy Rooney.

You will remember Andy as the wrap-up, tongue in cheek guy at the end of the Celebrated CBS Show “60 Minutes.” Andy was to me…the 21st Century version of “Will Rogers” and much, much, more.

To say that he will be missed is a trivial understatement.

Andy Rooney was 92. The Nite Ranter will always love & greatly admire …Andy Rooney!

This week, history recorded the birth of the 7th Billion Human Baby born on earth. November o1,2011.

It was sorta convoluted as there seemed to be so many births each minute that when the statisticians tried to find the precise “one” among the world population it was seemingly many simultaneous births within micro seconds of each other.  Such is the world we live and strive to thrive in as we move forward in this, the 21st Century.

Even with its many problems; being economic, food issues , healthcare debates , political and ideological issues that span centuries between civilizations and cultural beliefs. .. one very simple but important issue  still persists…

“Man & Wildlife” being able to live in harmony… or NOT?

This is a choice between Sport, Tradition, Industry and Conservation that each year haunts The Nite Ranter as we enter  Deer, Turkey, Elk, Bear, Duck,  Squirrel, Geese, Rabbit, Fox, Beaver and you name it… Hunting Season.


WARNING:  This Graphic Photograph  may be disturbing  for  some readers !



sleeping deer | day 2

Today, I was sitting on my mountain top deck with my dog “Dude” enjoying the fall leaves and cooling temperatures.  It was a sunny, beautiful  Autumn afternoon. Then..several shots rang out on the far East ridge across from my house.  It’s hunting season and  “The Good Old  Boys” are ready willing and able to get out kill and fill their freezers with “Deer Meat.”  I waited, and other shots in the far distances, punctuated the otherwise peaceful setting & quality time with a man and his dog.  “Dude” reacted to the shots with a startled look and a whimper.  As if he knew some creature was being hunted down and killed for sport…or for it’s meat.  It really got me thinking about how we as a people love our pet animals but can’t wait to go into the woods and kill a beautiful wild creature.

I also thought about the helpless little dead, skinned  & poached  “Spike Buck Deer” that I found and photographed on our mountain  property this week .   The small “Spike Buck”  had three bullet holes in what was left of his little thrown aside carcass.  He is the reason that I am writing this particular RANT. It’s written in “his honor” and he and millions more like him will never know of this tribute…but that’s fine, for I as a human being, who loves wild game, will feel better for this effort no matter how fruitless or trivial many others may think that it is. (photo shown above)

Hunting is a tradition in my State.  The Sport of Hunting is also a huge Industry offering guns, ammunition, equipment, apparel and just about any item needed to take to the woods. Even camouflage  for your vehicle can be purchased and applied to conceal the vehicle while in wooded terrain.  The concept of Hunting has been  handed down generation after generation to family youngsters, both males and females for literally hundreds of years.  On the other hand, Wildlife Conservation is also a very big deal.  States with countless employees and Agencies protecting and cultivating the balance between killing ( “harvesting” – which is the new and accepted politically correct term for killing innocent animals in the wild) and monitoring game health and statistics.  How they arrive at game figures is a mystery to me. These are wild animals and telling me that there are so many deer, turkey or chipmunks in any given State is in my opinion, ridiculous.  But, it sounds mighty  good, especially if a special hunt is provided to thin down the numbers…it’s a blood thirsty  great weekend for the shooters & they love every second of it.  And, it’s legal.

The Nite Ranter is an environmentalist at heart who loves to see wild game thrive.  I’ve never killed a Deer, do not buy hunting licenses, so I obviously do not go hunting game in the woods & I never intend to shoot a Deer for sport.  I’ve  got Kroger, SafeWay, WalMart and several wonderful butcher shops in my city from which to buy quality meat and NOT Deer meat.  Around these parts Deer meat in the freezer is a “rite of passage & likened to a heritage to be bragged about.”

Young Buck in the Forest

I fully realize that it’s a matter or choice when selecting your choice of sport…for me, there is NO sport in killing wild animals. I actually prefer to nourish and enjoy seeing them free and wild…not coming down to an eventual number like, “The Last Deer!”

The Nite Ranter is obviously in the minority here…but think about it…can we continue to kill our wild game when anybody with a few bucks can buy a hunting license to go out and start killing.  There are many hunting the woods who DO NOT have a valid hunting license and the Game Officials know this, but cannot police every area…its just too vast.  The Fish & Game Commission in my State estimates that this weekend, there will in excess of 875,000 hunters in State-wide hunting areas…Too many?

How about a “Hunting License Lottery? ”   Just so many license made available on a State by State basis.

I like that.  Now that’s what I call a Conservation Program?


Do you believe this crap?

The worthless silver spoon “_ _ _ _ h” and new hubby got an estimated $ 17 Million for the TV rights to air their wedding which was just this weekend.

And we wonder what is wrong with a Country and its People who support these baseless,  talentless wannabees , just because they were born into the wealthiest 1%? Come on people…wake up, it’s tabloid trash that you are giving fortunes more money too.

This really makes me sick.

PS: This is the best photograph of the “Witch” that The Nite Ranter  could come up with quickly.

And….“Happy Halloween, America!”


Pannah - Paper Mache Witch Close-up

“Also, Kim,…aU -a-Look Marvelous, Darlink!”

OK, America… let’s revolt and support those who are sitting in and camping out in the “Occupy” demonstrations in D.C., New York, Atlanta, Little Rock, San Francisco & all across the United States.  Our great country is being manhandled and ruled by the (1%) one percent.  

Fact: Since 1979 to 2011… the Rich 1% ‘s Income has increased 275%; during the same time frame the Middle Class Income has increased by only a measly 40%.

Occupy Wall Street protests

We have bailed out the Banks and Wall Street… and they are sitting on “our money,”  not lending it to the people. Both Wall Street and The Banks are paying outlandish bonuses to their CEOs and Hedge Fund Managers and they are  walking away with their golden parachutes and perks that would make the King of a Monarchy shudder with envy and an Oil Sheik want to raise the price of crude to compete.

This is a sick world of greed and plunder that we are living in and in some ways we have allowed it to brew and prosper.

The Nite Ranter is sick of this kind of  legacy that will cost our children, grandchildren and their children if we do not stop what is going on in our country… and stop it NOW!

Please write / call / or visit  your  State Representatives (check out Contact Elected Officials for contact info) and tell them that they will be looking for a new job if they do not shut down this do-nothing government style that they are participants and recipients in.  Tell them we can vote them out in 2012 and send them back to the caves where most of them belong.

The next problem that we as a people need to deal with immediately is The House and Senate and their one of a kind pay, their pension plan(s), their healthcare plan and their term limits or lack of.  Are you aware that these people continue to make a salary after leaving office until they die?  All it takes is a minimum of 5 years “serving” our country and they get 80% of their highest yearly salary … for the rest of their lives! How’d you like that perk??

They love to talk about the “framers” but never discuss all the Bennies  that they have voted into law for themselves.  In Part 2, The Nite Ranter will get into that more.

That explains why they seemingly will fight to the death to get elected in order to get on board the gravy train that only they control and nourish with their greed.  NOTE: You as an American must remember that the “Framers of Our Constitution” were not career politicians as we have evolved into today. These folks were dedicated farmers, loggers, cobblers, mercantile shop owners, wagon makers, blacksmiths, sorta scientists, carpenters, wood wrights, saloon owners and you name it.  They were not willing to be sitting in service in Washington D.C  for very long as their farm or business was suffering while they were serving the needs of their country for a paltry pittance.  It was about severing the needs for the betterment of your country.  Today…it’s about a career path to a one of a kind lucrative income until you die.

Now that is where we are today people and it is just sick. I want to puke on Mitch McConnell and his constant little “shit eating grin” that says to me that “I’m fucking you all the way to the bank”… as well as all of the rest of those elected jerks…. Not to mention, but Mitch’s “job” is to make sure Obama isn’t re-elected. Stupid me, I thought they were here to serve US. They have us by the balls, boys and girls, and I want us as a Nation to stand against their monarchism attitudes and usurious laws that they have inflicted upon us as a people.

We deserve much better… and I ain’t talking about  “Joe The Plumber”  who is now running for Congress in the State of  Ohio. He’s working his 17 mins. of  fame and wants on board the gravy train.  Please,  kick this jerk wad, non-licensed plumber wanna-be under the train!  Don’t bother with the clean up… it will add two or three new jobs and we need every new job that we can get.

Foreclosed home

Please, let’s get united about this and get it fixed.  Let’s do this America!

Nite Ranter Note:  Stay tuned for PART 2  coming soon, where we take a look at the “Gravy Train” that Congress has created for their personal one-of-a-kind  world of politics, dirty deals, big bucks and a Monarchy-like attitude.

It should be fun…are you in?

Any Questions?


“Another One Bites The Dust”…and sadly this time,  it’s not the title of a Rock ‘n Roll classic.

At approximately 11:00 PM EST, 09/21/11, a human being was executed under local, state & Federal law. Troy Davis was put to death in Georgia by lethal injection at a Jackson, Georgia prison.

The Nite Ranter, along with millions of other Americans, were convinced of  his innocence. We signed petitions and hoped for the best for a person most probably convicted of a crime he did not commit. The execution (or denial for a stay) decision came from the highest court, the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Was Troy Davis guilty or was this human being innocent of any crime and put to death by a system with somewhat barbaric and antiquated ways of dealing with situations such as this?

The Nite Ranter believes that numerous innocent persons in American Prisons have been put to death over the years.  Face it people, we can’t even agree on how to manage our country effectively…  so how can we be sure that we have it right to legally execute human beings?  “Trust me…our legal system isn’t that good!”

troy davis

After many court battles spanning over twenty (20) years… the Black man Troy Davis was put to death for the questionable killing of a White off duty Georgia police officer.  The execution took place in the State of Georgia. His case is questionable due to seven (7) of the nine (9) eye witnesses recanting their original court testimonies.  This is due to the supposed police strong arm techniques of: “Cooperate with us or we will put you in jail for just about any reason we can come up with.  So, we need you to consider your statement(s) very carefully.   If  it fits with our needs… you are free to go.”

This tactic plays out daily and is a typical 24 hour, 365 day yearly scene in cities and Police Departments across America.  It crosses both Black, White, Hispanic and all color boundaries and is a very common persuasion device utilized to coerce statements from individuals considered by law enforcement as easy or likely suspects.

If they answer appropriately, they walk.  If not, they face jail or even prison terms; as such they are more than likely to cooperate with the persuasive tactics utilized by law enforcement officers and departments who are paid and are supposed to protect the innocent and justly punish the guilty.

The Nite Ranter is convinced of the innocence of this individual . Conversely, I was never convinced of the innocence of  O.J. Simpson or our latest legal debacle… The Casey Anthony Trial & the rise of the latest legal tycoon… Jose Baez.

God help you if you are arrested for a crime… as in today’s world it is a cheaper, faster & much easier way out to coerce  supposed suspects by Police Departments and Detectives who become callous  and all knowing for an easy verdict.

God help you… if you are innocent and the “System” decides that you are guilty.

Here is my question:

Do you feel that justice was carried out correctly in the Execution Case of Troy Davis vs. The State of Georgia?


What a Joke… If  you care to read Snopes’  Flights of Fancy, it is The Nite Ranter’s humble opinion that it’s a very vague review of this reported event. Why? Because Snopes reports that it “has since been negated by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.” Oh yeah, now THAT assures me it’s not true! [heavy on the sarcasm here…]

The event was also reported by CBS News sources. The Brother of Osama Bin Laden and his immediate family members were whisked out of the country with a cursory question by the FBI as to their knowledge of any affiliation or knowledge of the attacks on the World Trade Centers,  The Pentagon and the Shanksville, PA crash into an open field by the heroes on that American Airlines Flight.

All responses by the Bin Ladens  & the  Saudi Nationals were,  of course, negative… as such,  they were not subjected to even a silken “House Arrest”  by the FBI.

Where was the CIA in this?  How was  The Bush Administration involved in this important decision? What do you think these people would say… “Yeah we knew Brother was gonna do the deal”… but we’re just innocent victims and so we want to escape back to our country and live happily ever after!

The Nite Ranter is  “NOT’  a conspiracy type.   But, the known & overwhelming fact that the Bushes were always in bed with the Saudi Sheiks and the oil that they control makes perfect sense that the Bush Administration pulled all their  political strings and got the Bin Ladens and their cronies out on a wing and a prayer.   Nothing has ever been made of this stupid, seemingly knee jerk decision.

ground zero destruction

You will never convince me of the fact that the Bush Administration — “W”, Cheney & Rumsfeld — were not,  at the very least, complacent in letting these people off the hook.

Our hikers, visitors, authors and even News Journalists are held in captivity for years in primarily Muslim Countries  for seemingly non-existing and trivial reasons.  But the Bin Ladens, their families, friends, relatives and country men were exonerated by the Bush Administration and allowed to return to their freedom with little or no questions asked!

Here’s my Question:

Am I nuts, crazy, stupid, deranged… or does any of this make sense to you?  What do you think happened?


This warning also goes out to that worthless burr head, Jersey Shore, dumber than dumb scumbag with an ego bigger than George W. Bush… and that’s huge… yeah, you dumbo if you can read… “The Situation.”

You’ve got a real situation coming your way. It’s called a Hurricane. Ever heard of one? The reason that I ask — knowing the total combined intellect of all the idiots who are making a fortune from this dimwit show — I question your ability to correctly even spell Hurricane.

Snooki and The Situation

If you even know of any of this information, here is a satellite view of the new girl coming to blow the snot out of your ugly and worthless nose… enjoy. But you’re probably drunk and stumbling around as usual and won’t even know any of this until you try to get to your bank to make a deposit in about 6 feet of water.

hurricane irene

I sincerely hope you enjoy meeting Irene. I really can’t imagine any other girl that I would want you and your Jersey Shore screw-ups to have a super whirlwind weekend with!

Party on girls! You too, Situation.

It is not often that The Nite Ranter is at a loss for words. (Really, just ask my wife.) But, this is one of those rare times.  So, sit back and listen to this very unique group of vocalists and prepare to be overwhelmed by their talent(s).

And now….”IL VOLO.”

In May 2009, three fresh-faced teenagers, Piero Barone (17), Ignazio Boschetto (16), and Gianluca Ginoble (16), appeared on the popular Italian talent show “Ti Lascio Una Canzone” and dazzled television viewers with their flawless rendition of the Neapolitan standard “O Sole Mio.” The boys, who won the competition easily, decided their group needed a name. “Il Volo,” meaning “flight,” was chosen to signify the feeling that these three young tenors were about to spread their wings and fly.

Their first album is already certified gold and on its way to platinum status in their home country and will see a worldwide release this year. In addition, the group became the first Italian artists to sign with Geffen Records in the United States, where the album will also be released this year.

They may be young, but IL VOLO’s mission is clear: “We want to share our love for this music with people all over the world, including kids our own age.” That they say, “would be our dream come true.”

That just about says it all… so I’ll, once again, shut up and let you form your own opinion.

Your Comments Are Requested!

Every American family is trying to cut costs in this tough economy that we face. Often we look at the weekly grocery list as a means to cut costs from the family budget.

shopping for groceriesThe Nite Ranter is in the same situation as all American Families. We’re all looking for ways to squeeze every cent from the monthly budget & “The Grocery Bill” is the one we use the most. 

Every week for most families. Much of a family’s annual money is spent on a monthly basis in this area. With that in mind… what commonplace grocery item do you believe to be the most expensive for the cost?

Would you believe that “BREAD” is one of the most expensive single purchases on the family grocery list? It’s True. More expensive than Milk, Eggs, Butter & even that delicious liquid sunshine… O.J.

How many slices are in the average loaf of bread? How about 28, 32, or 25? Ever thought much about it? If you’re like The Nite Ranter, your answer is probably no. Well, maybe you should consider these interesting facts about “Our Daily Bread.”

The average loaf of bread has just 22 slices. The super large Family Size of White Bread has more but based on trends, the high grain healthier bread brands are far and away the best sellers.

The average cost of a loaf of the grain bread in the U.S. is $ 2.65 per loaf. Sounds reasonable, but consider this. At $ 2.65 per loaf, each slice costs 12 cents each. Now, if you do not eat the entire loaf in a week and you buy an additional loaf, a portion of the new loaf will cost 24 cents per slice.

Many times, in hundreds of thousands of households, the bread gets moldy before eating the entire loaf and it becomes wild bird food. The monthly cost of fresh bread will continue to compound if every slice isn’t eaten before the dreaded mold monster attacks it and so on.

Don’t you wish that your bank savings account or investments would compound at this rate? Do the math for your specific family and I believe  you will be shocked at the cost and the waste that slips through our grocery expenses each month.

Here’s some more news about bread. Ever notice the colored twist ties attached to close the loaf? Some are red, blue, green, white or even black. These colors are a code used by the bakery for its delivery personnel to sort bread on the grocery store shelf as to the freshness of the stock in the store. Interesting huh? Did you know that fact?

Sadly, The Nite Ranter has not been able to crack the color freshness code as I believe that it varies by bakery and region of the suppliers.

So, Here’s my Question: Please let The Nite Ranter and the readers know of your results in finding out what the color code of the twist ties is?


CNN recently brought this informative video to The Nite Ranter’s attention. It is a supreme example of  the “KISS” method… Keep ISimple Stupid.

Surely, even all those ultra conservative, TEA Party sign-waving complainers — and maybe even a Michele Bachmann type —  can understand this… HA! Fat chance on that one  but, hey, I’m an eternal optimist so forgive me !

I know that I ask for a lot… but isn’t this easy to understand?

Here’s My Question: What do you think of the subjects addressed in this video?