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Presidential Candidate Donald Trump? Stay tuned… Donald Trump (via telephone) states on John King that he is “seriously” considering running for President. He just stated on CNN 01/06/11 @ 6: 27 CST that he is more than casually considering a Presidential run but that he will not make his final commitment known until Spring… which […]

The new color for 2011 is neither Blue nor Red. Instead, the new trendy color will be Orange. And get used to it. It’s the color of the rookie Republican (GOP) Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Here is a quick look at his Orangeness just in case its glare hasn’t blasted you into submission […]

Get ready… it’s coming. Like a small snowball rolling down a mountainside that becomes an avalanche… And friends, this gooey oil slime avalanche will ooze itself into our bank accounts before you can say… Shell or ExxonMobil. Can you say Shell or ExxonMobil? This news flash according to former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister on […]

“W” finally makes a Magazine Cover!? Thankfully, his grinning mug is not on the cover of Rolling Stone! It’s only on the cover of the December issue of AARP Magazine. Thank God that making the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine is still an Iconic event. An achievement that you earn… and W has not earned […]

Congress, once again, is sleeping on another important issue – a BIG one this time – the extension of life-saving health care coverage for 911 responders! Congress has dragged their slovenly, overpaid, overindulged and unbelievably obstinate feet regarding this important human issue. It’s an American issue. It’s our people. It’s unconscionably unbelievable as to why […]


The O’Jays – “Love Train”

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A great song and video with help from many stars you’ll recognize! If this music doesn’t get you rockin’,  you should immediately call your Doctor for an appointment. Enjoy…The Nite Ranter rocks, too! Tweet

This year’s political horizon is the worst that I have witnessed in my lifetime. It’s filled with candidates, charlatans, and wannabes spouting half-truths, downright lies, and attack ads that make Madison Avenue ad gurus look like choir boys. Trust me, I’ve spent over 30 years in the Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations fields and I […]

The Nite Ranter does not make a habit of promoting petitions but this came to my attention and seems to be a worthwhile and informative effort on the part of CREDO ACTION. The Story According to FOX NEWS! Here’s The Real Story! Tweet

The Millions of Dollars Just Keep on Keeping on… Sarah Palin, the million dollar diva of the “dumbnifites”! Not a bad take in the money market con game being perpetrated by the “Queen of  Wasilla.” From her pay as the quitter Governor of Alaska, which was $125,000 a year, to this the latest and most accurate […]

What is going on? The sane world as we know it in the political arena has fallen into the abyss. The crazies are the front runners. Case in point. Christine O’Donnell. Tweet

This “Rant” from The Nite Ranter is the most confounding I have ever attempted. So, Please bear with me.  Short and hopefully to the point. Where is the “Crack-Pot” Preacher today 09/21/10 ?  Tweet

What a start to our American Political News week. The “Three Stooges.” I’m not speaking of the early film icons… Larry, Moe and Curly. The media focus was on the Rally comments of Sarah, Glenn and Newt. They are the 21st Century “Three Stooges!” Tweet

The 2012 Tea Party’s Toilet Ticket “They”… clamor about, praise, drool, salivate, buy her book and virtually can’t get enough of Mama Grizzly… Sarah Palin and now, her latest best bud… Glenn M. Beck. (The “M” is for moron!”) I know… the middle initial is “L”, but I stand behind artistic license! “They”… are the […]

This will be a short Rant from The Nite Ranter… THIS JUST IN: Well, this just about takes the proverbial nut cake. Glenn Beck standing in front of The Lincoln Memorial spouting out his moronic wisdom which is intended to improve media sponsorship, listeners and most importantly money in his pocket. He needs as much […]

Islamophobia and the “M” word are alive and kicking out there! President Obama is an Islamic Muslim…  Um, our first black President is a Muslim immersed in Islam!? Have you contracted Islamophobia? Be cautious, it seems to be a major epidemic! Muslim Islamophobia reaches to the White House and beyond.  This as yet unfounded conjecture […]

To Mosque or Not to Mosque… (to use an old tired cliche) …that is the question. We as a Nation, The President, and most importantly, we the people, are facing an important decision with potentially long reaching outcomes. In putting this Rant together, my colleagues and I have bantered this back and forth from almost […]

Just a quick note from The Nite Ranter… Due to the research required to accurately Rant about these two important topics, this note to Ranter Fans is similar to but not quite like the News Channels telling you with a promo what’s next… and hooking you into five commercials and then waiting to the last […]


Why “Willie”? Why not? Let’s look at this from a historical perspective. We’ve had “Ronnie” aka Ronald Regan (R) the Actor who could have won another Academy Award if the GOP had a vote. He was governor of California, then President, and will live forever with his quote: Mr. Gorbachev… tear down this wall! Tweet

Forget about Party preference (D, R, I, or silent majority) for a moment. These elected “goofballs” have been out to lunch far too long. These titans of electoral clout and supposed expertise need to be cast out of their comfortable DC seats. They’ve lost their vision. This assumes that only a handful of them had […]

NOTE TO RANTER FANS: I am deviating from my normal Ranting(s) to bring you an up-close and personal two-part series of observations, still photographs, and comments gleaned from my recent trip to New Orleans, The French Quarter, St. Bernard Parish, La Fouche’, Golden Meadow and Grand Isle, Louisiana.  I hope that my comments and personal […]


While my esteemed but small and extremely talented staff are diligently working hard at putting together a two-segment report on The Nite Ranter’s recent visit to the Louisiana Gulf Coast… I can’t just sit on my hands and let this important Rant go by the wayside. Tweet


Women Voters and Sarah Palin

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Since the former Governor of Alaska is on the money-speaking trail for The Tea Party; after giving up her day job in the middle of a “Wasilla” stream… so to speak, several women have asked me to conduct an informal, purely unscientific poll of American women as to their thoughts regarding the losing Vice Presidential […]