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The Nite Ranter…Rants No More

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It is with such a heavy heart that I must be the bearer of painful news. The Nite Ranter, a long-time friend and what he liked to call “an equal opportunity offender on the street,” went a final valiant round and lost his battle to the Big C, and its many cruel surgeries, and rants […]

Whitney Houston, the voice of a century, a woman with the look of a Super Model, is gone. Born in 1963, died in 2012. This sad news reported first by CNN… Ironically, on the very night that her Manager and Mentor Clive Davis was to host a Grammy Awards dinner attended by anyone who is […]

Breaking News: The little guy with the sticking up flat top haircut in the medium green leisure suit has kicked the proverbial bucket, breathed his last breath, croaked, succumbed to life as we know it, passed, gone to have lunch with his maker, slipped the pearly bonds of dictatorship, ripped his last one, guzzled his […]

The Penn State pedophile tragedy by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky took out an icon, football legend of almost 46 years…head football coach, Joe Paterno. Joe reported the lurid event, witnessed by a young assistant, to the Penn State College President and several other college officials were made aware of the allegations but turned their […]


As Americans, we have lost one of our great commentators, newscasters, and our no holds barred conversationalist… Andy Rooney. You will remember Andy as the wrap-up, tongue in cheek guy at the end of the Celebrated CBS Show “60 Minutes.” Andy was to me…the 21st Century version of “Will Rogers” and much, much, more. To […]

This week, history recorded the birth of the 7th Billion Human Baby born on earth. November o1,2011. It was sorta convoluted as there seemed to be so many births each minute that when the statisticians tried to find the precise “one” among the world population it was seemingly many simultaneous births within micro seconds of […]

It is not often that The Nite Ranter is at a loss for words. (Really, just ask my wife.) But, this is one of those rare times.  So, sit back and listen to this very unique group of vocalists and prepare to be overwhelmed by their talent(s). And now….”IL VOLO.” In May 2009, three fresh-faced teenagers, […]

Every American family is trying to cut costs in this tough economy that we face. Often we look at the weekly grocery list as a means to cut costs from the family budget. The Nite Ranter is in the same situation as all American Families. We’re all looking for ways to squeeze every cent from […]

Ty Pennington is the “darling” of the home makeover show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, that can tear down a house and build a mega-mansion on the same site in no more than five days. Ty Pennington and his multimillion-dollar team of designers and talking heads are all part of the Sears / Disney-backed  manufacturers that […]

Osama Bin Laden was killed by a crack team of U.S. Navy SEALS. The most elite strike force known as “Team Six.” They took Bin Laden out without any losses to their team… with the exception of one stealth helicopter. “God Bless America!” The Obama Administration, The CIA, The Pentagon and constant ground intelligence had […]

Breaking News: Glenn Beck the Johnny come lately preacher, the want-a-be politician, the loose cannon, the nut-cake radio host, the lame brain blow back, the say anything to get an extra buck mouth piece is out at Fox News. Don’t cry Glenn…some how the world will manage to go on without your non-wisdom and we […]

Today we lost a voice! A great voice in the discourse of political comment in the US.  His name, David Broder. A renown journalist for the Washington Post and the most visited panel member of Meet the Press (NBC) of over 400 times, died today (03/09/11)  at age 81.  David, The Nite Ranter feels like […]

How can CNN believe and justify that Piers Morgan (a former British Judge on an American talent show) deserves to replace Larry King? This is not to say that Larry “Suspenders” King is not replaceable. But… Piers Morgan? Tonight’s Guest: The notorious radio show host – Howard Stern I’m watching the show now (Tuesday, 01/18/11) […]

Billy Nungasser (President – Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana) is not going to take the U.S. Coast Guard’s crap regarding its clean-up effort eight months after “The BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill” disaster… which is still impacting his Parish and its prior to the spill pristine marsh lands. Billy Nungasser stands his ground with the U.S. […]

NiteRanter Fans: Please do your part to help and support the ASPCA, your local animal shelter and all the volunteers that dedicate their time and resources to helping stray, abused and unwanted animals in your city, hometown and our Nation in 2011 & beyond. It’s a worthy cause; the animals need your help and it’s […]

William H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, is an enduring figure in American lore. In fact, we’re still talking about him 130 years after Sheriff Pat Garrett shot and killed him in Fort Sumner, in what was then New Mexico Territory. Sitting Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico will decide tomorrow whether or […]


Larry King, you are an “Icon” and we love you. Please don’t give up on us… and keep yourself around!

What is going on? The sane world as we know it in the political arena has fallen into the abyss. The crazies are the front runners. Case in point. Christine O’Donnell. Tweet

This “Rant” from The Nite Ranter is the most confounding I have ever attempted. So, Please bear with me.  Short and hopefully to the point. Where is the “Crack-Pot” Preacher today 09/21/10 ?  Tweet


Why “Willie”? Why not? Let’s look at this from a historical perspective. We’ve had “Ronnie” aka Ronald Regan (R) the Actor who could have won another Academy Award if the GOP had a vote. He was governor of California, then President, and will live forever with his quote: Mr. Gorbachev… tear down this wall! Tweet


Introducing… The Nite Ranter

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First, permit me to clarify some important aspects as to why I have become known as “The Nite Ranter.”  As “The Nite Ranter,” I am simply what I consider to be a normal middle-class American… probably a lot like yourself… who decided to take his ranting(s) to the next level. Why? Tweet