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The BP Deep Water Horizon, Macondo Well, TransOcean, U.S. Coast Guard, Billy Nungesser, Boom, Chad Allen, Anderson Cooper, Top Kill, Clean-up Crews, Tony Hayward, Marshes, Bayous, Plaquemines Parish …remember these?  They and too many others became icons of the day when the worst oil disaster in our Nation’s history hit the Gulf Coast of  Louisiana, […]

Let’s try and get the facts right. The pander in Washington about the budget deficit is a topic of hot media debate and every politician with a mouth is spouting out his or her opinions as to what to do and… who is to blame. The overwhelming opinion of the Republican Party stalwarts and their […]

Washington never changes…but here is a way to change that and it makes sense. The career politicians make budget cuts, huge mistakes, ear-mark personal pet projects and they lose nothing… but as American tax payers, we lose and we pay… and we pay dearly. Consider this! Why should Washington Politicians continue to be paid their […]

Here we are friends…and the situation in Washington as to “shutting down our Nations Government” has moved into the 11th hour and counting. How could a reasonable number of highly compensated Republican, Democratic & TEA Party tax payer paid politicians play games with their various power strokes and inflated egos on the tax payers dime, […]

Breaking News: Glenn Beck the Johnny come lately preacher, the want-a-be politician, the loose cannon, the nut-cake radio host, the lame brain blow back, the say anything to get an extra buck mouth piece is out at Fox News. Don’t cry Glenn…some how the world will manage to go on without your non-wisdom and we […]

This is not a TV Reality Show or is it? The potential shut-down of The American Government is looming on the horizon and that event has happened in 1995 and 1996. The “Orange” man John Boehner speaks from the wisdom of a career politician who has nothing to loose monetarily one way or the other. […]

“Say it ain’t so!” That’s a popular Southern expression that is echoing through the Parishes, bayous and marshes of this Louisiana coastline once again. This is really “Breaking News” and if true is certainly not good news! The Nite Ranter sat at this Grand Isle, LA – Marina Bar (pictured above) during the BP Deep […]

First, let’s look into the eyes of a tyrannical and insidious dictator of over 40 years of brutality on his people. This is not a pretty picture. But, it is real! Now imagine if you can, being subservient to a person so bizarre and deranged controlling your government, your nation, your life, and your family […]

Now this really takes the political Washington cake! Wow, now here’s an important topic to go after with all your right wing clout. National Public Radio. An American institution that provides programing that has at its base the core values of the American people. NPR receives federal funding so the Republican party that has offered […]

If you’re not aware of this catastrophic event then you are living under a rock!  Take a look at this video of the Tsunami as it hit Japan’s coastal city of  Sendai.  The Tsunami was caused by the recent devastating earth quake that rocked the pacific nation. This is the most devastating natural event to […]

The NiteRanter has been eating himself from the inside out on this topic. I will admit that I have been remiss in not beating, even pounding with a nine pound hammer on this subject with rants… until now. I received an e-mail from a close friend who put this topic so succinctly out front that […]

Today we lost a voice! A great voice in the discourse of political comment in the US.  His name, David Broder. A renown journalist for the Washington Post and the most visited panel member of Meet the Press (NBC) of over 400 times, died today (03/09/11)  at age 81.  David, The Nite Ranter feels like […]

The people of Egypt have had enough of their country’s President, Hosni Mubarak. It’s no wonder. He’s had over three decades of suppression of freedom, the inability to earn a meaningful wage and even the suppression of the media to effectively, and honestly, communicate to its impoverished countrymen. This is the face of a billionaire […]

How can CNN believe and justify that Piers Morgan (a former British Judge on an American talent show) deserves to replace Larry King? This is not to say that Larry “Suspenders” King is not replaceable. But… Piers Morgan? Tonight’s Guest: The notorious radio show host – Howard Stern I’m watching the show now (Tuesday, 01/18/11) […]

Saturday (01/08/11) in Tucson, Arizona, at a local Safeway Grocery store was an uncalled-for blood bath of innocent, caring and involved people exercising their rights to peacefully gather in a political venue. Why would that be a big problem in a free speech environment in The United States of America? Look at the faces… Tweet

Billy Nungasser (President – Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana) is not going to take the U.S. Coast Guard’s crap regarding its clean-up effort eight months after “The BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill” disaster… which is still impacting his Parish and its prior to the spill pristine marsh lands. Billy Nungasser stands his ground with the U.S. […]

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump? Stay tuned… Donald Trump (via telephone) states on John King that he is “seriously” considering running for President. He just stated on CNN 01/06/11 @ 6: 27 CST that he is more than casually considering a Presidential run but that he will not make his final commitment known until Spring… which […]

The new color for 2011 is neither Blue nor Red. Instead, the new trendy color will be Orange. And get used to it. It’s the color of the rookie Republican (GOP) Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Here is a quick look at his Orangeness just in case its glare hasn’t blasted you into submission […]

NiteRanter Fans: Please do your part to help and support the ASPCA, your local animal shelter and all the volunteers that dedicate their time and resources to helping stray, abused and unwanted animals in your city, hometown and our Nation in 2011 & beyond. It’s a worthy cause; the animals need your help and it’s […]

William H. Bonney, better known as Billy the Kid, is an enduring figure in American lore. In fact, we’re still talking about him 130 years after Sheriff Pat Garrett shot and killed him in Fort Sumner, in what was then New Mexico Territory. Sitting Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico will decide tomorrow whether or […]

Get ready… it’s coming. Like a small snowball rolling down a mountainside that becomes an avalanche… And friends, this gooey oil slime avalanche will ooze itself into our bank accounts before you can say… Shell or ExxonMobil. Can you say Shell or ExxonMobil? This news flash according to former Shell Oil President John Hofmeister on […]

“W” finally makes a Magazine Cover!? Thankfully, his grinning mug is not on the cover of Rolling Stone! It’s only on the cover of the December issue of AARP Magazine. Thank God that making the cover of Rolling Stone Magazine is still an Iconic event. An achievement that you earn… and W has not earned […]

Congress, once again, is sleeping on another important issue – a BIG one this time – the extension of life-saving health care coverage for 911 responders! Congress has dragged their slovenly, overpaid, overindulged and unbelievably obstinate feet regarding this important human issue. It’s an American issue. It’s our people. It’s unconscionably unbelievable as to why […]


Larry King, you are an “Icon” and we love you. Please don’t give up on us… and keep yourself around!

Shame on Larry King! And Even More Shame on Carlos Slim! This guy, Carlos Slim, is the “Gordos Gato” – the “Fat Cat” of Mexico. He is the wealthiest man in the World. Say what? The wealthiest man in the World is from one of the poorest countries in the free world? Now that IS […]