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The Nite Ranter…Rants No More

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It is with such a heavy heart that I must be the bearer of painful news. The Nite Ranter, a long-time friend and what he liked to call “an equal opportunity offender on the street,” went a final valiant round and lost his battle to the Big C, and its many cruel surgeries, and rants […]


Many of you have probably been wondering what the heck happened to our favorite blogger, The Nite Ranter. Well, the great man has finally given me (his loyal and incredibly awesome editor) permission to let everyone know he’s been fighting a major health problem for some time now. He’s a little on the private side […]

Whitney Houston, the voice of a century, a woman with the look of a Super Model, is gone. Born in 1963, died in 2012. This sad news reported first by CNN… Ironically, on the very night that her Manager and Mentor Clive Davis was to host a Grammy Awards dinner attended by anyone who is […]

Don Cornelius, who was the host and brainchild of the infamous Music Television show, “Soul Train,” was found dead in his home today. Cornelius introduced a plethora of burgeoning stars, including  first guest Gladys Knight & The Pips. His show ran with top ratings for 35 star studded years… long before the birth of MTV […]

Timmy: Go back to your “Graceland” or whatever you call your hang-out. But, please don’t stick yourself in our faces again. Thank You… and here’s a special song dedicated just for you. Now promise The Nite Ranter that you won’t cry, ok? Tweet

Caution: This Rant may get a little long but hopefully not “too” convoluted! Let me state at the outset that The Nite Ranter is not attacking any specific religious belief in this attempt at relating to this latest pop culture event. The “Tim Tebow” saga seems, for some reason, to have captivated the Nation whereas […]

The Nite Ranter is a very sane, rational and, most times, an overly fair individual.  Albeit a little outspoken on some topics… but that is why you guys read my stuff. “Thank You TNR Readers”  for obliging me by giving me this  forum as a springboard for my thoughts and rantings and bringing them to […]

Breaking News: The little guy with the sticking up flat top haircut in the medium green leisure suit has kicked the proverbial bucket, breathed his last breath, croaked, succumbed to life as we know it, passed, gone to have lunch with his maker, slipped the pearly bonds of dictatorship, ripped his last one, guzzled his […]

JACK “A” went to prison for his actions as the most notoriously successful Washington Lobbyist in modern history. Abramoff served three (3)1/2 years for his somewhat unscrupulous deeds as a Washington insider and was one of the best lobbyists in the history of our country. The guy knows his stuff, even if it is askew […]

The Penn State pedophile tragedy by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky took out an icon, football legend of almost 46 years…head football coach, Joe Paterno. Joe reported the lurid event, witnessed by a young assistant, to the Penn State College President and several other college officials were made aware of the allegations but turned their […]


As Americans, we have lost one of our great commentators, newscasters, and our no holds barred conversationalist… Andy Rooney. You will remember Andy as the wrap-up, tongue in cheek guy at the end of the Celebrated CBS Show “60 Minutes.” Andy was to me…the 21st Century version of “Will Rogers” and much, much, more. To […]

This week, history recorded the birth of the 7th Billion Human Baby born on earth. November o1,2011. It was sorta convoluted as there seemed to be so many births each minute that when the statisticians tried to find the precise “one” among the world population it was seemingly many simultaneous births within micro seconds of […]

Do you believe this crap? The worthless silver spoon “_ _ _ _ h” and new hubby got an estimated $ 17 Million for the TV rights to air their wedding which was just this weekend. And we wonder what is wrong with a Country and its People who support these baseless,  talentless wannabees , […]

OK, America… let’s revolt and support those who are sitting in and camping out in the “Occupy” demonstrations in D.C., New York, Atlanta, Little Rock, San Francisco & all across the United States.  Our great country is being manhandled and ruled by the (1%) one percent.   Fact: Since 1979 to 2011… the Rich 1% ‘s […]

“Another One Bites The Dust”…and sadly this time,  it’s not the title of a Rock ‘n Roll classic. At approximately 11:00 PM EST, 09/21/11, a human being was executed under local, state & Federal law. Troy Davis was put to death in Georgia by lethal injection at a Jackson, Georgia prison. The Nite Ranter, along with millions of […]

What a Joke… If  you care to read Snopes’  Flights of Fancy, it is The Nite Ranter’s humble opinion that it’s a very vague review of this reported event. Why? Because Snopes reports that it “has since been negated by the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States.” Oh yeah, now THAT assures […]

This warning also goes out to that worthless burr head, Jersey Shore, dumber than dumb scumbag with an ego bigger than George W. Bush… and that’s huge… yeah, you dumbo if you can read… “The Situation.” You’ve got a real situation coming your way. It’s called a Hurricane. Ever heard of one? The reason that […]

It is not often that The Nite Ranter is at a loss for words. (Really, just ask my wife.) But, this is one of those rare times.  So, sit back and listen to this very unique group of vocalists and prepare to be overwhelmed by their talent(s). And now….”IL VOLO.” In May 2009, three fresh-faced teenagers, […]

CNN recently brought this informative video to The Nite Ranter’s attention. It is a supreme example of  the “KISS” method… Keep It  Simple Stupid. Surely, even all those ultra conservative, TEA Party sign-waving complainers — and maybe even a Michele Bachmann type —  can understand this… HA! Fat chance on that one  but, hey, I’m […]

Well, Anthony Weiner is gone… What with the media frenzy, his colleagues and his wife of only one year (who is a close staff member of  Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton) asking him to resign, Weiner finally did it. He resigned his House of Representatives post effective today. The New York representative, with over twelve […]

The big fight in Washington between the parties has been going on for years regarding these strategically valuable and important programs. The truth is that the Republicans have never supported any of them.  And the reality is that they have presented no plan to provide increased jobs, increased home sales, improved real estate values, cut […]

Oil/Gas Companies, i.e. Shell, ExxonMobil and BP in particular, are raking in huge profits at the pump. ExxonMobil has the highest first quarter profits ever & in a down economy… even topping the last decade. Why? Have you purchased any gas at the pump or paid your gas Credit Card bill lately? And, it doesn’t […]

Osama Bin Laden was killed by a crack team of U.S. Navy SEALS. The most elite strike force known as “Team Six.” They took Bin Laden out without any losses to their team… with the exception of one stealth helicopter. “God Bless America!” The Obama Administration, The CIA, The Pentagon and constant ground intelligence had […]


The United States Military has hunted down and killed the mastermind of 9/11. This is a confirmed report and his body is in U.S. hands as of tonight. This may well be the beginning of the end of The World Wide War on terror. President Obama will make a special announcement within the hour. It […]

Move over Sarah Palin (remember her?) Mike Huckabee, Newt Gingrich, Mitt Romney  and lesser losers …the “TrompMiester” is walking and tromping all over your collective territories;  stealing all of your wannabe thunder… None of  you are out there fighting for your respective (and previously hard fought) platforms… HELLO! Where are you?   Um… Sarah? Where you […]