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It is with such a heavy heart that I must be the bearer of painful news. The Nite Ranter, a long-time friend and what he liked to call “an equal opportunity offender on the street,” went a final valiant round and lost his battle to the Big C, and its many cruel surgeries, and rants no more.

TNR once started off a post about someone else, which I feel is appropriate for him as well: “As Americans, we have lost one of our great commentators…and no holds barred conversationalists. To say that he will be missed is a trivial understatement.”

Truer words have never been written.

TNR always felt that as Americans we owed it to each other to be more vocal about our society, government, environment, and communities and not to sit on our collective asses and let a “group of idiots” take over the important facets of life.

He loved to make people think, to drag themselves out of the mire of lackadaisical behavior, forcing them to use their brains to form their own opinions. If you take anything from this website and TNR’s past rants, learn to make up your own mind. Don’t just listen to the constant desperate drivel you hear in the media, both social and traditional, and believe everything they say, like a clueless lemming, without looking into the facts. Listen to all sides, investigate, research, and then come up with your own conclusion.

TNR and I would often spend several lively hours ranting about various political, religious, and current events before he got the perfect rant down on “paper” and we had a live post. It has been my honor to be his editor and I will be keeping this site up for as long as possible as a testament to TNR and his “balls to the wall” vocal satire.

TNR wrote a total of 85 posts on TheNiteRanter.com. It’s an amazing glimpse at a small slice of history that deserves to be looked back on, and hopefully, many will read his insightful words and history will not be repeated…

As you’re going about your day and you hear something that just makes your eyes roll… think of how The Nite Ranter would have put his personal spin on what you heard. And then laugh. Because that is how he would want to be remembered, with laughter.

So, with that said… wherever you may be, my friend, rant on.

Signing off with the utmost of respect,
TNR Editor-in-Chief

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.

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  1. The Man Cave Master

    Rest in peace my dear friend

    from The Man Cave Master

    Aug 8, 2013 at 8:44 pm