The Nite Ranter is a very sane, rational and, most times, an overly fair individual.  Albeit a little outspoken on some topics… but that is why you guys read my stuff.

“Thank You TNR Readers”  for obliging me by giving me this  forum as a springboard for my thoughts and rantings and bringing them to your attention.  I know you are very busy and so I truly respect the time that you share reading my opinions here.  I try very hard to keep my writing targeted to the more important topics that impact our lives,  as I see them,  in the 21st Century.

In a conversation with a respected friend today… we started discussing what impacts the decisions people make today and why do we as a country tend to be so out of touch and generally off base.

We seem like a bunch of lemmings  (Occupy Wall Street Activists Excluded) marching to the precipice.  It appears to me that  “We” don’t dig into the important stuff today but instead concentrate more on the superficial crap that sells books, impacts TV ratings, propagates shows and, more importantly, the trendy people and marketing niches of those spouting them on the 24/7 cable and satellite networks , each of whom benefit from these endeavors in a big financial way.

We as a people tend to believe just about everything and anything that some “Silver Spoon – quasi-celebrity” says …a “celebrity” who is actually a nobody,  a person who possesses no real talent but only has big money behind them.

For the most part, these are people who are measured only by those within their respective wealthy families that they represent, and what they can do for the networks while  promoting, cross-selling and marketing systems to the maximum hilt.

And all of this crud is continually jammed into our face so that after a while they are positioned as celebs through promotion and crap shows.  They’ll do anything to keep their mugs on our TV screens. It’s a sick and never ending cycle of these creeps.

Enough all ready!?

Let me give you an example.  Recent Book Author and Clothing Designer !?:  Ivanka Trump.

She made it to the top on her own?  Are you serious? “Everyone is going to flip over my coats and my designer clothes line.”

That script was from ol’ Dad.  We’ve all heard it from the “Thump.”  She’s heard it from him for so long she recites it like the “Pledge.”

Can’t you just hear it played out in her mind… Ivanka Trump has worked her ass off to get the recognition she deserves as a best selling Author, TV Personality on the  slop show that her Daddy hosts  “You’re Fired”  Trump show “The Apprentice,”  she’s a managing partner in the all important and worldwide  Trump Organization, a noted clothing Designer, a business woman who cut her teeth in the tough & rough world of  Daddy who’s got the candy and all the cash, so I’m gonna get my share and more no matter what the hell I do…”smile”!

Truth is Daddy…ala “The Comb Over” inherited most if not all of his wealth and dubious clout from his daddy as will Ivanka Thump….oh my!

Ivanka Trump,  you are nothing more than a privileged suck-up and a scavenger feeding off the back-side of the self -imploding Trump empire.  Take that to the bank… Deerie!

I’d better be careful as Daddy may run for President and solve all our — and the world’s — problems. But, we’ll need to tune into his TV show to find out so that his ratings, viewership and bottom line will get fatter for as yet another …no answer. This is the kind of bull shit that Americans are watching and they truly think that this insanely and egotistical mentality is worth watching and listening to.

Some of the other interesting nothings in the news daily are:

The Kardashians, The crew of Jersey Shore, The Mafia Mom & family, Casey Anthony – with a new video Diary being posted on YouTube, Paris Hilton, Justin Beeber, “Dog” The Bounty Hunter, and many, many so called actors, entertainers, lawmaker politicians who for the most part are no better than all these charlatans.  Actually, there are too many to even mention  and, unless you live under a rock,  you know full well who they are.

Come on, people. We are better than this crap. Don’t continue to support them by buying magazines, watching their TV shows, buying their products and being lulled into a dumb zone by supporting their money machines. They are making a mockery of you.

Please wake up and stop this creeping disease that continues to permeate our society. Especially,  in a time when you should be supporting you and yours with your support, values and monetary help.

The Question is:

Will you support these people and enable them to continue succeeding and raking  in massive amounts of fame and money on “your” back?


7 Responses

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  1. Hazel

    Whatever happened to real talent and working from the ground up to be a success rather than having it handed to you on the proverbial silver platter or via the silver spoon! So tired of these “successes” and how they think it was their own ingenuity that got them to where they are today. Get real America!

    Jan 10, 2012 at 12:32 pm
  2. The Nite Ranter

    My last thought on this RANT is how sickening it is to listen to Ivanka Trumps chronic ability to applaud herself with me, mine, assumptions that everyone will love her creations (which if truth be known) are collaborations by highly paid professional designers who are behind the scenes. Come on folks, is this what we identify as 21st Century talent?

    Ivanka Trump, Bristol Palin, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, Snookie, “The Situation” and others who I’ll not even glorify with a mention.

    Think about it…They are a joke!

    Jan 9, 2012 at 11:27 am
  3. Man Cave Master

    You left out the pill pushing ads that list enough side effects that you would have to be a IDIOT to even want to take any. My doctor gave me a blank look when I ask how he would treat a 4 hour erection! The mute button works wonders on them also TVO your shows then skip all the BS.
    I’m outa here…….

    Jan 8, 2012 at 12:22 pm
    • The Nite Ranter

      Cave Master: Great points…the Drug Companies are raping Americans. They have a pill for every occasion including smelly feet. TVO doesn’t block the scum bag no talent money mongers that I’m talking about here. This is TV marketed to lamebrains and there are seemingly plenty of them to continue the rating for these nothing shows.

      TNR :>(

      Jan 8, 2012 at 7:56 pm
  4. LindaLouTaboo

    Nite Ranter: I really think that the world is so screwed up that most people loose themselves in these lame shows. But you make a good point that when we do this we unknowingly contribute to their ratings and more bucks for them. I like the DOC Channel, Animal Planet and National Geographic. But I still catch my self on the crap stuff also. The good news…I don’t watch “Springer!” Keep busting chops in 2012.


    Jan 8, 2012 at 12:40 am
  5. The Santafean

    Ranter, You are preaching to the choir. The majority of citizens in the US are lemmings as you well point out. They can’t think for themselves and are influenced by the print and electronic media. Witness the GOP primary campaign You have an idiot from Texas, a two-timing pizza salesman from Georgia, an egoistic maniac from Virginia, an old codger also from Texas, and a right wing fascist from Minnesota. The Republican sheep have difficulty identifying who will serve as their shepherd out of a hell-hole they created.

    It seems that the more informed citizens read progressive literature and watch the more cerebral political news and shows on TV. Thank God for these people who make up the minority of this country’s electorate, but have sufficient will and power to turn things around.

    Jan 7, 2012 at 4:21 pm
    • The Nite Ranter

      Santafean: I know. You are on target…I am preaching to the choir but…It’s My Bag!”

      So, I preach on & thanks, Brother.
      Can I get an Amen?
      TNR :>)

      Jan 8, 2012 at 8:00 pm