This week, history recorded the birth of the 7th Billion Human Baby born on earth. November o1,2011.

It was sorta convoluted as there seemed to be so many births each minute that when the statisticians tried to find the precise “one” among the world population it was seemingly many simultaneous births within micro seconds of each other.  Such is the world we live and strive to thrive in as we move forward in this, the 21st Century.

Even with its many problems; being economic, food issues , healthcare debates , political and ideological issues that span centuries between civilizations and cultural beliefs. .. one very simple but important issue  still persists…

“Man & Wildlife” being able to live in harmony… or NOT?

This is a choice between Sport, Tradition, Industry and Conservation that each year haunts The Nite Ranter as we enter  Deer, Turkey, Elk, Bear, Duck,  Squirrel, Geese, Rabbit, Fox, Beaver and you name it… Hunting Season.


WARNING:  This Graphic Photograph  may be disturbing  for  some readers !



sleeping deer | day 2

Today, I was sitting on my mountain top deck with my dog “Dude” enjoying the fall leaves and cooling temperatures.  It was a sunny, beautiful  Autumn afternoon. Then..several shots rang out on the far East ridge across from my house.  It’s hunting season and  “The Good Old  Boys” are ready willing and able to get out kill and fill their freezers with “Deer Meat.”  I waited, and other shots in the far distances, punctuated the otherwise peaceful setting & quality time with a man and his dog.  “Dude” reacted to the shots with a startled look and a whimper.  As if he knew some creature was being hunted down and killed for sport…or for it’s meat.  It really got me thinking about how we as a people love our pet animals but can’t wait to go into the woods and kill a beautiful wild creature.

I also thought about the helpless little dead, skinned  & poached  “Spike Buck Deer” that I found and photographed on our mountain  property this week .   The small “Spike Buck”  had three bullet holes in what was left of his little thrown aside carcass.  He is the reason that I am writing this particular RANT. It’s written in “his honor” and he and millions more like him will never know of this tribute…but that’s fine, for I as a human being, who loves wild game, will feel better for this effort no matter how fruitless or trivial many others may think that it is. (photo shown above)

Hunting is a tradition in my State.  The Sport of Hunting is also a huge Industry offering guns, ammunition, equipment, apparel and just about any item needed to take to the woods. Even camouflage  for your vehicle can be purchased and applied to conceal the vehicle while in wooded terrain.  The concept of Hunting has been  handed down generation after generation to family youngsters, both males and females for literally hundreds of years.  On the other hand, Wildlife Conservation is also a very big deal.  States with countless employees and Agencies protecting and cultivating the balance between killing ( “harvesting” – which is the new and accepted politically correct term for killing innocent animals in the wild) and monitoring game health and statistics.  How they arrive at game figures is a mystery to me. These are wild animals and telling me that there are so many deer, turkey or chipmunks in any given State is in my opinion, ridiculous.  But, it sounds mighty  good, especially if a special hunt is provided to thin down the numbers…it’s a blood thirsty  great weekend for the shooters & they love every second of it.  And, it’s legal.

The Nite Ranter is an environmentalist at heart who loves to see wild game thrive.  I’ve never killed a Deer, do not buy hunting licenses, so I obviously do not go hunting game in the woods & I never intend to shoot a Deer for sport.  I’ve  got Kroger, SafeWay, WalMart and several wonderful butcher shops in my city from which to buy quality meat and NOT Deer meat.  Around these parts Deer meat in the freezer is a “rite of passage & likened to a heritage to be bragged about.”

Young Buck in the Forest

I fully realize that it’s a matter or choice when selecting your choice of sport…for me, there is NO sport in killing wild animals. I actually prefer to nourish and enjoy seeing them free and wild…not coming down to an eventual number like, “The Last Deer!”

The Nite Ranter is obviously in the minority here…but think about it…can we continue to kill our wild game when anybody with a few bucks can buy a hunting license to go out and start killing.  There are many hunting the woods who DO NOT have a valid hunting license and the Game Officials know this, but cannot police every area…its just too vast.  The Fish & Game Commission in my State estimates that this weekend, there will in excess of 875,000 hunters in State-wide hunting areas…Too many?

How about a “Hunting License Lottery? ”   Just so many license made available on a State by State basis.

I like that.  Now that’s what I call a Conservation Program?


3 Responses

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  1. Man Cave Master

    Then there are hunters and then there are NOT?

    Nov 6, 2011 at 5:40 pm
  2. The Nite Ranter

    Interesting look at the many facets of “Hunting Wild Game” in the U.S.!

    Thanks for your true to life comments…most of which The Niter Ranter shares, also. I’m waiting to get lambasted by an avid hunter that thinks that I am a real nut cake.

    I feel it in my bones, it’s coming like a freight train.

    Come back anytime & comment.

    TNR 🙂

    Nov 3, 2011 at 5:45 pm
  3. Tony

    A good rant, for sure. I’m not a hunter either & so I don’t have that thirst to shoot wild game. I have a neighbor friend that goes hunting by himself. He enjoys the thrill of stalking his prey & then making the shot. It’s therapeutic to him. This guy is a gentle, sweet man that works downtown for the city, but still loves to kill animals. I don’t get it. I guess I just don’t fully understand human nature. He’s invited me to come with him many times. He said he could teach me to hunt. He said he’d start me off with smaller game first until I got better at it. When I asked what smaller game he was talking about, he said I could start by shooting rabbits. I said: “Rabbits? you mean those small, cute, harmless, furry creatures with the cute long ears. Are you crazy, I could never kill a little animal like that”. He laughed and shook his head from side to side and said: “you’re hopeless”. I walked away think ing the same thing about him. I hope I never have to kill an animal to feed my family.

    Nov 3, 2011 at 10:40 am