OK, America… let’s revolt and support those who are sitting in and camping out in the “Occupy” demonstrations in D.C., New York, Atlanta, Little Rock, San Francisco & all across the United States.  Our great country is being manhandled and ruled by the (1%) one percent.  

Fact: Since 1979 to 2011… the Rich 1% ‘s Income has increased 275%; during the same time frame the Middle Class Income has increased by only a measly 40%.

Occupy Wall Street protests

We have bailed out the Banks and Wall Street… and they are sitting on “our money,”  not lending it to the people. Both Wall Street and The Banks are paying outlandish bonuses to their CEOs and Hedge Fund Managers and they are  walking away with their golden parachutes and perks that would make the King of a Monarchy shudder with envy and an Oil Sheik want to raise the price of crude to compete.

This is a sick world of greed and plunder that we are living in and in some ways we have allowed it to brew and prosper.

The Nite Ranter is sick of this kind of  legacy that will cost our children, grandchildren and their children if we do not stop what is going on in our country… and stop it NOW!

Please write / call / or visit  your  State Representatives (check out Contact Elected Officials for contact info) and tell them that they will be looking for a new job if they do not shut down this do-nothing government style that they are participants and recipients in.  Tell them we can vote them out in 2012 and send them back to the caves where most of them belong.

The next problem that we as a people need to deal with immediately is The House and Senate and their one of a kind pay, their pension plan(s), their healthcare plan and their term limits or lack of.  Are you aware that these people continue to make a salary after leaving office until they die?  All it takes is a minimum of 5 years “serving” our country and they get 80% of their highest yearly salary … for the rest of their lives! How’d you like that perk??

They love to talk about the “framers” but never discuss all the Bennies  that they have voted into law for themselves.  In Part 2, The Nite Ranter will get into that more.

That explains why they seemingly will fight to the death to get elected in order to get on board the gravy train that only they control and nourish with their greed.  NOTE: You as an American must remember that the “Framers of Our Constitution” were not career politicians as we have evolved into today. These folks were dedicated farmers, loggers, cobblers, mercantile shop owners, wagon makers, blacksmiths, sorta scientists, carpenters, wood wrights, saloon owners and you name it.  They were not willing to be sitting in service in Washington D.C  for very long as their farm or business was suffering while they were serving the needs of their country for a paltry pittance.  It was about severing the needs for the betterment of your country.  Today…it’s about a career path to a one of a kind lucrative income until you die.

Now that is where we are today people and it is just sick. I want to puke on Mitch McConnell and his constant little “shit eating grin” that says to me that “I’m fucking you all the way to the bank”… as well as all of the rest of those elected jerks…. Not to mention, but Mitch’s “job” is to make sure Obama isn’t re-elected. Stupid me, I thought they were here to serve US. They have us by the balls, boys and girls, and I want us as a Nation to stand against their monarchism attitudes and usurious laws that they have inflicted upon us as a people.

We deserve much better… and I ain’t talking about  “Joe The Plumber”  who is now running for Congress in the State of  Ohio. He’s working his 17 mins. of  fame and wants on board the gravy train.  Please,  kick this jerk wad, non-licensed plumber wanna-be under the train!  Don’t bother with the clean up… it will add two or three new jobs and we need every new job that we can get.

Foreclosed home

Please, let’s get united about this and get it fixed.  Let’s do this America!

Nite Ranter Note:  Stay tuned for PART 2  coming soon, where we take a look at the “Gravy Train” that Congress has created for their personal one-of-a-kind  world of politics, dirty deals, big bucks and a Monarchy-like attitude.

It should be fun…are you in?

Any Questions?