“Another One Bites The Dust”…and sadly this time,  it’s not the title of a Rock ‘n Roll classic.

At approximately 11:00 PM EST, 09/21/11, a human being was executed under local, state & Federal law. Troy Davis was put to death in Georgia by lethal injection at a Jackson, Georgia prison.

The Nite Ranter, along with millions of other Americans, were convinced of  his innocence. We signed petitions and hoped for the best for a person most probably convicted of a crime he did not commit. The execution (or denial for a stay) decision came from the highest court, the Supreme Court of the United States of America.

Was Troy Davis guilty or was this human being innocent of any crime and put to death by a system with somewhat barbaric and antiquated ways of dealing with situations such as this?

The Nite Ranter believes that numerous innocent persons in American Prisons have been put to death over the years.  Face it people, we can’t even agree on how to manage our country effectively…  so how can we be sure that we have it right to legally execute human beings?  “Trust me…our legal system isn’t that good!”

troy davis

After many court battles spanning over twenty (20) years… the Black man Troy Davis was put to death for the questionable killing of a White off duty Georgia police officer.  The execution took place in the State of Georgia. His case is questionable due to seven (7) of the nine (9) eye witnesses recanting their original court testimonies.  This is due to the supposed police strong arm techniques of: “Cooperate with us or we will put you in jail for just about any reason we can come up with.  So, we need you to consider your statement(s) very carefully.   If  it fits with our needs… you are free to go.”

This tactic plays out daily and is a typical 24 hour, 365 day yearly scene in cities and Police Departments across America.  It crosses both Black, White, Hispanic and all color boundaries and is a very common persuasion device utilized to coerce statements from individuals considered by law enforcement as easy or likely suspects.

If they answer appropriately, they walk.  If not, they face jail or even prison terms; as such they are more than likely to cooperate with the persuasive tactics utilized by law enforcement officers and departments who are paid and are supposed to protect the innocent and justly punish the guilty.

The Nite Ranter is convinced of the innocence of this individual . Conversely, I was never convinced of the innocence of  O.J. Simpson or our latest legal debacle… The Casey Anthony Trial & the rise of the latest legal tycoon… Jose Baez.

God help you if you are arrested for a crime… as in today’s world it is a cheaper, faster & much easier way out to coerce  supposed suspects by Police Departments and Detectives who become callous  and all knowing for an easy verdict.

God help you… if you are innocent and the “System” decides that you are guilty.

Here is my question:

Do you feel that justice was carried out correctly in the Execution Case of Troy Davis vs. The State of Georgia?