Ty Pennington is the “darling” of the home makeover show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, that can tear down a house and build a mega-mansion on the same site in no more than five days.

Extreme Makeover Home Edition

Ty Pennington and his multimillion-dollar team of designers and talking heads are all part of the Sears / Disney-backed  manufacturers that reap their rewards from the public relations and the on-air advertising that the show delivers to millions of viewers. On the the surface all seems well intended.

Ty Pennington has blown Bob Vila, the guru of  This Old House and construction home shows, off the map.  The Nite Ranter is not trying to discount the help given to needy families.  However, putting these less fortunate families into a home where the  air conditioning / heating, water bill,  and utilities alone could top $1,500 a month is a little “extreme,” pardon the pun — to say nothing of the property taxes of $7,000 to $12,000 a year…

Then there’s the young girl’s bedroom designed to look like a page from Cinderella complete with the Prince’s carriage as the bed and the young boy’s room with an airplane wing that sticks out of the second story window…

An entertainment room that Elton John would envy and a pool Esther Williams, Tarzan, Jane Mansfield and Lloyd Bridges could have filmed their TV series next to and have been very happy.

It’s a joke.  How can the poor people possibly be expected to be able to pay for all of this and the maintenance of these monolithic homes ? Their home is paid for in full but the back end of this upkeep would strangle anyone. How can they do this?

When the girl turns 16, and her room looks like Cinderella exploded in it and she wants a new look… how will that work? Same with the boy’s room.

Look, Ty Pennington and the rest of your “Money-Making Team,”  just build a very nice normal American Family House for these very deserving people and stop with the “extreme bullshit” that only serves your ratings, ego and those of the design team.

Get Real, OK?  Enough said!  So what is your opinion of this show or does The Nite Ranter  just have a severe case of tunnel vision?



2 Responses

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  1. Johnny

    Hello, I have watched with tears as I have watched this team help heal and fix families. Even though I know I could never make such a powerful show to put on the air. I have put in 27 years in the military and now I am facing a life change. Where I use to have a family there is now just me and my RV trailer. I know where I want to live and I know there is a lot of forclosed homes down there for less than 60k but now I am on an unknown disability payment from the government till I can actually retire at age 60 in 8 years.
    I have given of my life to the Military and I have volunteered my time to the Boy Scouts of America and even worked with the BSA in Naples Italy.
    I gave up my little Yorkie because I was deploying and no one could take care of him.
    IF these same people would find a way to help me out, I have a very nice idea on building something at the lake that would be a great place for families and could help a lot more than just myself.
    Dreams are great but unless you have a fat pocket like our government the banks are not wanting to turn loose of anything unless you have a score in the high 800s.
    Thanks whitehouse for all the help you have caused to go away for us little people with dreams too but we cant write blank checks without going to the slammer.
    Oh well I built me a little DJ trailer and I will continue to DJ the Oldies and someday I might make enough to start to build my dream.

    Oct 25, 2011 at 2:53 pm
  2. LindaLouTaboo

    Ranter, I think that Ty is a cutie …but I really never thought of the show in the depth that you have presented it here. Actually, I do think now that it is a little over the top on the expensive and up-keep sides. I could never afford the monthly costs that you have described…even though the basic home is paid for in full when it is finished and the keys are handed over to the new homeowners.

    Thanks, LLT

    Jun 13, 2011 at 10:08 pm