The big fight in Washington between the parties has been going on for years regarding these strategically valuable and important programs.

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The truth is that the Republicans have never supported any of them.  And the reality is that they have presented no plan to provide increased jobs, increased home sales, improved real estate values, cut taxes for the wealthy but they sit and  stonewall against anything progressive for our Nation & blame the Democrats for all the problems that plague our country.

The Nite Ranter has suggested many times that their platform is from the Karl Rove era that encourages pillage, plunder, put the country in the tank, lose power and THEN sit back and blame the new Democratic Administration for all the problems… THEN you can convince the voters to vote in the Republican Presidential candidate and rule the Nation once again.

It’s a fact. That’s the sad reality that is present in Washington Politics today.  When will they cut “themselves” off  from their golden gravy retirement plan, the salary that continues even after they are no longer in office until they die, their one of a kind health care benefits, their special pension perks and the ability to vote themselves their own pay raises? WHEN?

It’s funny how none of their Congressional one-of- a-kind benefits ever comes up when they are trying to manage & cut  the looming National deficit that we  as a Nation face.  Instead, they turn their greedy little heads and they personally continue to partake… and actually wallow and relish in the spoils that go only to them… this elite group of legal political thieves.

So, here is “The Nite Ranter’s Plan”: Cut the billions and multi-billions from the Congressional  elitists benefit / perk plan and abolish Medicare, Medicaid  & Social Security… Then refund each and every tax-paying American the remaining  portion of the monies that we each have paid (with interest) into a very solvent system that was compromised by Congressional borrowing over many  years.

congressional plundering

The U.S. Congress essentially killed the system over time and used our money… and now they want to get rid of the system, with no mention of giving our money back to the very people who put their honest, hard-earned money into the plan which they instituted as a mandatory payroll deduction going directly from our pockets to the government coffers.


That ain’t gonna fly “Big Dogs”… so you’ve  got a really big additional financial problem brewing here!

So, Here Is My Question:  “Are we as a people going to sit by twiddling our thumbs and let these Congressional Thieves get away with this travesty, which if not stopped, they seem hell bent to perpetrate on you and me?”