It is not often that The Nite Ranter is at a loss for words. (Really, just ask my wife.) But, this is one of those rare times.  So, sit back and listen to this very unique group of vocalists and prepare to be overwhelmed by their talent(s). And now….”IL VOLO.” In May 2009, three fresh-faced teenagers, […]

Every American family is trying to cut costs in this tough economy that we face. Often we look at the weekly grocery list as a means to cut costs from the family budget. The Nite Ranter is in the same situation as all American Families. We’re all looking for ways to squeeze every cent from […]

CNN recently brought this informative video to The Nite Ranter’s attention. It is a supreme example of  the “KISS” method… Keep It  Simple Stupid. Surely, even all those ultra conservative, TEA Party sign-waving complainers — and maybe even a Michele Bachmann type —  can understand this… HA! Fat chance on that one  but, hey, I’m […]

Well, Anthony Weiner is gone… What with the media frenzy, his colleagues and his wife of only one year (who is a close staff member of  Secretary of  State Hillary Clinton) asking him to resign, Weiner finally did it. He resigned his House of Representatives post effective today. The New York representative, with over twelve […]

Ty Pennington is the “darling” of the home makeover show, Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, that can tear down a house and build a mega-mansion on the same site in no more than five days. Ty Pennington and his multimillion-dollar team of designers and talking heads are all part of the Sears / Disney-backed  manufacturers that […]

The big fight in Washington between the parties has been going on for years regarding these strategically valuable and important programs. The truth is that the Republicans have never supported any of them.  And the reality is that they have presented no plan to provide increased jobs, increased home sales, improved real estate values, cut […]