The BP Deep Water Horizon, Macondo Well, TransOcean, U.S. Coast Guard, Billy Nungesser, Boom, Chad Allen, Anderson Cooper, Top Kill, Clean-up Crews, Tony Hayward, Marshes, Bayous, Plaquemines Parish …remember these?  They and too many others became icons of the day when the worst oil disaster in our Nation’s history hit the Gulf Coast of  Louisiana, Alabama, and Mississippi coast lines and sections of the Florida Panhandle.

oil in a marsh

Reliable reports are saying that there is still much more oil deposited on the bottom in marshes as far down in the edge water silt to about one foot.  This substance is a sticky, mucky mire of deadly ooze.  That’s a lot and it’s a very deep and troubling  problem.  The Nite Ranter assumes  “There is no modern technology available to correct these latest findings.”

After one year of supposed microscopic microbes that were purported to be  eating up the BP Oil, it is still being found by simply running a small outboard motor near the marsh shorelines.  The simple turning of the outboard prop stirs up the oil collected in mass on the bottom.  Shame on you…you lazy tiny microbes.  You should be fired… I’m alerting Donald Trump about your lackluster performance.  So, don’t even think about a future shot on  “The Apprentice!”  As a matter of  fact…”You’re Fired!”

BP has paid out a mere 3  billion dollars of their 20 billion commitment for cleaning up their self-induced mess. They are spending advertising money targeted to the affected areas but seemingly not spending enough money finding new and innovative scientific technology capable of cleaning up their oil spill.

Here’s my question:

“Will BP ever live up to their commitment… which is today holding at least 17 Billion Dollars due to fix their catastrophe on our Nation’s Gulf Coasts or will they as a Multi-Billion Dollar profit Oil Corporation skate off  into the sunset with tap dancing PR and a cadre  of well paid producers and film crews, cheap fixes and live happily ever after while the ecosystem and our shorelines suffer for untold years to come?”



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  1. LindaLouTaboo

    Hey Nite Ranter: It’s me again. I think BP Oil Co. are a bunch of Con-Artists. They talk the talk, but they don’t walk the walk. I think that the people of the Gulf Coast should file a class action law suit. It’ll drag on forever, but so will the clean-up!
    Please keep beating on them…I love you, (SORRY) I mean the article!!!!


    Apr 22, 2011 at 10:29 am
    • The Nite Ranter

      Thanks, make an excellent point concerning the Class Action Law Suit against BP. I recall a suit also being filed by The Obama Administration, but that seems to have gained very little News bite traction…so I’m really not sure where all of that is since it seemingly is floating out there in the oil ooze along with the sleaze bag members of Congress and the House who are playing politics at the expense of the tax payers.

      You keep on writing and I’ll keep on “keepin’ on”….because “It’s my bag!

      Apr 22, 2011 at 8:10 pm