Let’s try and get the facts right.
The pander in Washington about the budget deficit is a topic of hot media debate and every politician with a mouth is spouting out his or her opinions as to what to do and… who is to blame.

The overwhelming opinion of the Republican Party stalwarts and their other stepchildren from The TEA Party is that the Democrats have put us into the tank and are a combined bunch of drunken sailors on a spending and whoring spree.

The Nite Ranter is “An Equal Opportunity Offender” and I’m not taking sides on this issue.
I’m merely trying to point out the facts that are smothered over in the mire and slimy muck of Washington by the “get my face” on cable news channels at all costs, politicians.

But, in all fairness, how can the Democrats be blamed totally (100%) for all the budget deficit spending when a vast majority of that gigantic number was inherited from the eight-year rampant reign of the “Darling from Crawford Texas” Republican… George “W.”

Bush and his administrative masterminds… Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld & the “wizard,” Karl Rove. That fab four rode off into the sunset leaving mounting debt and two wars in countries that we shouldn’t be fighting in. Leaving their bottomless pit spoils to whomever took their place.

Enter the Democrats and the Obama Administration.
I know… some will say “Ranter, you’re playing the blame game.” I am not playing any game. These are our tax dollars that are at stake here and also for some generations to come. I for one want to try to forge some kind of modicum of real truth in all of this propaganda.

Bill Clinton

Here are some important facts to consider in light of all the finger pointing as to who is actually responsible for our country’s situation of extreme debt.

  1. The Clinton Administration left office with virtually no National deficit.
  2. The Clinton Administration left the largest surplus in our Nation’s history since the 1950’s.
  3. The “W” Administration arrived and lolled around with no real plans until 9/11.
  4. The Bush Administration started the Iraq War and the War in Afghanistan with no real end strategy and eight years of uncontrolled spending.

It’s my belief that Karl Rove created the concept of  “do anything you want, Georgie” and leave it to the predecessor (probably a Democrat) then blame them for not fixing eight years of pillaging and get the Republican Party back in control.

After all, the average American doesn’t even know who the current Vice President is… so they will blame the new guy and we’ll take the country back again by blaming them for our shoddy administration.

Guess what friend… it’s working and they are free of all blame & responsibility.  Ain’t politics a wonderful and lucrative con game?

Here’s my question:
Who do you think is ultimately responsible for the horrendous deficit we face as a Nation today?