“Say it ain’t so!”
That’s a popular Southern expression that is echoing through the Parishes, bayous and marshes of this Louisiana coastline once again. This is really “Breaking News” and if true is certainly not good news!

The Nite Ranter sat at this Grand Isle, LA – Marina Bar (pictured above) during the BP Deep Water Horizon spill. My colleague and I purchased a “T” shirt from this very nice bar manager and now it is difficult to believe that she and her crew may be serving up “Tar Ball Shooters” in Grand Isle once again. One of the employees of this marina bar, which was adjacent to a key docking area for the clean-up, was reporting via e-mail to The Nite Ranter during the height of the onslaught. I will make every attempt to communicate with this individual once again to see what is happening first hand from the scene of this latest scare.

Today, NBC Nightly News was reporting that Jefferson Parish and Grand Isle are reporting another wave of oily sheen that is washing ashore. This just as the sea food businesses and tourism that abounds in this area were making a needed come back.

More, as this latest oil threat develops!

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  1. The Nite Ranter

    We had several comments from our valued “TNR” friends in both Grand Isle and New Orleans and they know that something is going on but as yet, they are sorta puzzled by exactly what and where this latest oil is coming from.

    So for now…stay tuned!

    TNR :=(

    Mar 24, 2011 at 10:05 pm