How can CNN believe and justify that Piers Morgan (a former British Judge on an American talent show) deserves to replace Larry King? This is not to say that Larry “Suspenders” King is not replaceable. But… Piers Morgan?Piers Morgan

Tonight’s Guest: The notorious radio show host – Howard Stern

I’m watching the show now (Tuesday, 01/18/11) and Howard Stern is carrying the show, NOT Piers Morgan. Piers Morgan seems only a jabbing British pawn, a talking head with an accent… he can’t hold his own with the likes of a Howard Stern. And it is so obvious that even The Nite Ranter hurts for the host, Morgan.

Trust me. I am not a Howard Stern groupie… but I honestly have to give the guy his due reward. He was the first “Shock Jock” and I’m not sure anyone is any better at his craft! I respect him for that. He stands his ground. Makes no apologies. And, in his own style, is a very humble celebrity.
Howard Stern

I’m just reporting my true feelings as a career media, advertising and public relations person. I can’t help myself. It’s in my DNA, this stuff. CNN’s show, “Piers Morgan – Tonight”… unless it improves to a 1000% mark, it will not make the eight week Network new show threshold.

Piers Morgan never got to Howard Stern tonight in any meaningful or creative way, and it ended as just another promo style interview with little or no substance.

In my opinion, Howard Stern would have been a great replacement for Larry King.

I could be wrong, but if it were the Super Bowl… Stern won the game 35 to 03. We shall see!? Hopefully CNN signed a pre-nup contract with Piers Morgan or we will be changing channels at that time slot!

“Ahh say, mate… sorry, but poor show!”

Here’s my question: While it is still early in the transition from Larry King Live to Piers Morgan – Tonight… what do you think about the show to date and your thoughts on Piers Morgan as the long term host of that coveted night time CNN News Network slot?

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  1. Gary Thison

    Piers is a no talent with nothing to say, who somehow is judging talent and hosting a talk show. Please check out my latest entry in my blog. Hey, everyone wants to know what a dime-a-dozen, cheap, two-bit stand up comic thinks, don’t they? Okay, maybe not.

    Aug 4, 2011 at 10:03 am