Saturday (01/08/11) in Tucson, Arizona, at a local Safeway Grocery store was an uncalled-for blood bath of innocent, caring and involved people exercising their rights to peacefully gather in a political venue. Why would that be a big problem in a free speech environment in The United States of America?

Look at the faces…
Three Faces of Tucson

There were six murdered and thirteen shot by the young and obviously deranged gunman Jared Lee Loughner. This wasn’t Baghdad, Pakistan or Afghanistan where suicide bombers strap a huge bomb into a back pack, walk into a public place, kill themselves and innocent bystanders.

This was not a suicide bomber hellbent on some fanatic religious belief and mission so that they will be “best buds” with Allah if they blow themselves and the “infidels” into oblivion.

This heinous act in Tucson did not happen in a country ravaged by invading troops trying to help build a democratic society (which will most probably never happen in these regions); nations with a history of conflict, killing and destruction for over 2,000 plus years.

Instead, this monstrous and cruel act happened in Tucson, Arizona, United States of America, at a local grocery store in a typical urban strip mall setting. There are similar settings in every corner of the U.S. The question is: Where and when, if ever, will a horrendous scenario such as this play out again and where will it occur next?

This is an involved topic and I want you as a concerned American to weigh in with your thoughts on this subject.

Here’s my question: Do you feel that many of our elected officials (Federal and State) have crossed the line with over-the-limit vile rhetoric in their campaign ads and continuing the practice while holding office?

This event is a tragedy that will hopefully change the discourse in our political arena. A wake-up call… a slap in the face. A turning point in how we as Americans, and especially those in a respected elected political position, choose their words when standing for their respective views.

The names attached to this vitriol style rhetoric are numerous and I’ll not go into detail about those individuals as you know who they are. You can hear them on syndicated talk radio, television networks and interview sessions on National News programs. They say things that incite people and cause individuals who are looking for a reason to act in a non-rational manner… the literal ammunition to go forth and follow thought with their deviant actions as they more than feel justified because they heard something that sets them off from these scum bag icons only interested in “listenership,” ratings and the money trail these fringe benefits provide them.

In many ways it seems that we as a people and Nation are becoming numb to the bizarre, the unthinkable behavior of seemingly nondescript individuals seeking their horrible fifteen minutes of fame. And sadly, it continues to happen more and more often. We as a people need to really think about what is happening in and to our Nation. It is not a pretty picture.

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  1. The Santafean

    There is no doubt in my mind that over the past couple of decades a significant political strategy has been to discredit the other side by presenting the opposition in the least favorable light. It has been a partisan war with the goal of winning at all cost—Bill Clinton’s sexual appetites, John Kerry’s war record, and lately Barack Obama’s citizenship.

    In a time when a significant number of America’s middle-class find themselves frustrated by our Great Recession they are willing to accept as truth any information that provides a rationale for the circumstances in which they are mired. In order to win the war politicians must convince the nation that their position will solve the people’s problem. Times have changed since Ed Muskie’s tears were sufficient to show our nation that he was weak and should not be president. Ironically, many years later our current Speaker of the House can bawl like a child in front of the nation and his actions are seen as sensitive. This change of social perception suggests that the persona of a candidate is not sufficient to change an individuals mind about his or her potential to perform an adequate job. Today, to get the public’s attention you need to get in their face and break down the opposition by all means possible that include lies, attacks, and subterfuge.

    It seems to me that the more vulgar our politicians become, the more the people who listen to them become like them. It is, as if they internalize those lies and actions of the candidates they believe speak the truth. Remember the people of Germany who followed Hitler in the aftermath of the Great Depression.

    What is the solution to the “vile” rhetoric that is being spewed by our leaders? For me, it is as simple as providing quality education for the masses. Ignorance is the fodder of complacency and the quest to seek truth. Unfortunately, we continue as a nation to dumb down our citizens. Is it any wonder that we rank 18th among all world nations in educational proficiency? I’m not sure our political discourse will change as long as the nation remains in a state of malaise.

    Jan 17, 2011 at 1:14 pm
    • The Nite Ranter

      All we hear from the conservative right is “The Rule of Law” and “Less Government.” In my world their cries are offsetting each other.

      The Left talks about “Bi-Partisanship,””Reaching a Common Ground” and working to improve the lives of Americans. I’ll let TNR readers decide which they think are most important and achieve the desired results for our country.

      However, I will say this.
      We have laws out the ass for every imaginable circumstance and situation. The rub comes with these prolific number of laws when they seem to contain so many flaws and seemingly obvious loopholes.

      Case in point:
      When alleged Tucson killer Jared Lee Loughner failed his entry evaluation into military service for overuse of drugs and (we don’t know this for a fact) as associates and college teachers stated he was “off the wall in his thought processes” …how and why would that not be at the very least a red flag that would be on file with the FBI and that alone would prevent a gun purchase?

      I am not naive. Guns are sold in dark back alleys and on neighborhood street corners. So, push come to shove he could have bought a gun in the dark shadows. But he chose a legal gun shop purchase. So, if Loughner had been turned down for gun purchase through a legal gun shop dealer and an electronic flag had been sent to the FBI or Local Police authorities… maybe, just maybe, someone would have been assigned to monitor his activities and subsequent follow-up on his well being. This could possibly have prevented this most horrific event. The same with the information from Junior College officials who called campus police to have Loughner removed from class on five separate occasions… and as a result, he was permanently barred from its campus.

      Now we know that neither of these instances made in-roads to authorities. It’s The Nite Ranters opinion that circumstances such as these are important warning signs and should have been addressed and; hopefully, part of a baseline community psychiatric tracking program which probably exists and is already provided in Tucson, Arizona.

      Hopefully, the tragedy in Tucson, Arizona will make lawmakers aware of loopholes that need to be plugged… We can hope… can’t we?

      SPECIAL NOTE: Kudos to you Santafean from The Nite Ranter. Over the past months your comments and opinions rank among the very best I have received. Your spirit, intellect and concern for our country are more than just noteworthy. I appreciate having you as a Nite Ranter Fan. Please continue forwarding your comments.


      Jan 17, 2011 at 4:18 pm
      • The Nite Ranter

        I love this!?
        The right-side “politicians” have changed their language even when referring to “job killing health care” after Tucson. They have stopped the “killing” phraseology. I haven’t heard about their acronym “death panels” as of yet… their other derogatory reference to the passage of the health care bill. They still fondly refer to the recent passage of the health care bill as “Obama Care”!

        NEWS FLASH: The bill was the life’s work of deceased Democratic Senator Ted Kennedy… the Obama administration only pushed it and made it into a reality. “Kennedy Care” would certainly be the more accurate acronym. But, accuracy takes a back seat to name calling and dirty politics.

        “Obama Care” is just another cynical and crude comment from the party of “NO”! Disparaging a sitting U.S. President by Speaker of the House Boehner and his colleagues smacks of the overriding problems that have given way to a pervasive breakdown of the once strong political fiber of our Nation.

        This form of low down rhetoric is very sad because the common man hears this kind of vile remarks day after day, week after week, month after month from these so called top elected officials sitting in Washington power posts.

        So goes the wave of disrespect, ignorance and ambivalence like a virtual tsunami across the landscape.

        The whole idea by Republicans that their first and foremost effort in controlling the house floor votes will be to repeal health care is a complete waste of time and all on the tab of you and I, the U.S. Tax Payer.

        The party of “NO” is so politically correct and so subtlety devious that they are making it so obvious and they are so stupid that they think no one is noticing, paying attention or even cares. Hopefully, fat cats… those days are gone forever! We shall see?

        Wow, The Nite Ranter sounds like a left wing liberal on a binge. Not so! Remember, I am an (EOO) Equal Opportunity Offender!

        TNR :=)

        Jan 17, 2011 at 7:26 pm