Presidential Candidate Donald Trump?
Stay tuned… Donald Trump (via telephone) states on John King that he is “seriously” considering running for President. He just stated on CNN 01/06/11 @ 6: 27 CST that he is more than casually considering a Presidential run but that he will not make his final commitment known until Spring… which (by the way) is just after the National Arbitron Household TV Ratings Period which includes “The Apprentice!”

Trump (“King of the Comb-Over”) will however (take a deep breath for this) not formally make his final decision announcement until the last episode of the “Apprentice” show. Wow… surprise, surprise!

Politics, Marketing, Ego and gullible TV couch potato viewership? Politics and TV Ratings… I love it… America’s warped political environment in all its grandeur! How low can we go?

Donald Trump

Here’s my question: “Where is Willie Nelson for President in all of this?”

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  1. Anonymous

    Today, 01/20/11, Donald Trump stated “Live via Telephone” on CNN’s Wolf Blitzer – The Situation Room… that he will announce his final intentions in June and put his money where his mouth is as far as a Republican Candidate for President.

    We’ll see where that goes!?

    Jan 20, 2011 at 10:32 pm

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