How can CNN believe and justify that Piers Morgan (a former British Judge on an American talent show) deserves to replace Larry King? This is not to say that Larry “Suspenders” King is not replaceable. But… Piers Morgan? Tonight’s Guest: The notorious radio show host – Howard Stern I’m watching the show now (Tuesday, 01/18/11) […]

Saturday (01/08/11) in Tucson, Arizona, at a local Safeway Grocery store was an uncalled-for blood bath of innocent, caring and involved people exercising their rights to peacefully gather in a political venue. Why would that be a big problem in a free speech environment in The United States of America? Look at the faces… Tweet

Billy Nungasser (President – Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana) is not going to take the U.S. Coast Guard’s crap regarding its clean-up effort eight months after “The BP Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill” disaster… which is still impacting his Parish and its prior to the spill pristine marsh lands. Billy Nungasser stands his ground with the U.S. […]

Presidential Candidate Donald Trump? Stay tuned… Donald Trump (via telephone) states on John King that he is “seriously” considering running for President. He just stated on CNN 01/06/11 @ 6: 27 CST that he is more than casually considering a Presidential run but that he will not make his final commitment known until Spring… which […]

The new color for 2011 is neither Blue nor Red. Instead, the new trendy color will be Orange. And get used to it. It’s the color of the rookie Republican (GOP) Speaker of the House, John Boehner. Here is a quick look at his Orangeness just in case its glare hasn’t blasted you into submission […]