Shame on Larry King! And Even More Shame on Carlos Slim!

Carlos Slim

This guy, Carlos Slim, is the “Gordos Gato” – the “Fat Cat” of Mexico. He is the wealthiest man in the World. Say what? The wealthiest man in the World is from one of the poorest countries in the free world? Now that IS breaking news.

Carlos Slim is worth $53.5 Billion.

As a benchmark, he is richer than Warren Buffett and Bill Gates, and like you… I have never ever heard of this fat fart from Mexico.

Bill Gates and Warren Buffett are known for their unprecedented philanthropy. At their urging, by taking the “Giving Pledge,” forty American families or individuals, most of whom are billionaires, are promising a collective sum of at least $125 billion to charitable causes.

Do you wanna know what ol’ Carlos thinks about philanthropy? Here’s a direct quote from the richest man in the world: “It’s… my conviction that poverty is not fought with donations, charity or even public spending.”

In Mexico where, according to World Bank data, about 50% of people are living in poverty, many feel that he has not donated enough, especially given how ubiquitous his companies are in day-to-day life.

And you know what farthead believes? The world’s richest man has publicly poked fun at the philanthropy of Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, and said businessmen can do more good by building solid companies than by “going around like Santa Claus” donating money.

Nuff said.

As you know, the Mexican people have been flooding our borders to make money here in the “land of the free” (because of the lack of good paying jobs back home) which they then send straight back to their families in Mexico. Mexicans work for almost nothing and undercut many trades in the area that they infect. Mexico is the reason for the border problems.

Larry King never mentioned this gigantic USA problem with this tortilla-farting asshole. Something is wrong with this picture and it ain’t the color of Larry King’s suspenders!

Larry King

Furthermore, the USA has outsourced many products by its corporations, which further helps this neighboring poor country and, most probably, the slum lord employer “Carlos Slim!”

Right now the highest paid job in Mexico is an airline pilot at $36,000 a year. The lowest paid job is a hotel maid at $400 a month (and I’m sure there’s even lower…). And this guy has 250,000 employees in his various companies? Um… where? Can you say “slave lord”?

I saw this guy “Carlos Slim” on Larry King Live on CNN. I usually like Larry King. Last night, I didn’t. Larry never once asked the important question(s). What is going on with Larry King? Are ratings so much more important that he has to act like he is enamored with this Mexican scumbag rather than cutting to the chase and asking why doesn’t he provide more “more” to his own people?

Larry never asked a question like: “How in a country so poor can you be the richest person in the World?” Or, “How do you use your personal wealth to help the people of a country that represents one of the poorest populations in the free World?” Instead, it was a complete and utter “suck-up” by Larry King in being the media guy interviewing the richest guy in the world from the poorest Nation in the world.

Larry King: Maybe it’s good that you are retiring as this was one of your worst shows in the history of “Larry King Live!” You’re obviously NOT doing your job!

Please let me know what you think! So…RANT TO ME!

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  1. The Santafean

    Hey Ranter, what burr did you sit on? You tore Yuoooo a new one and he did not deserve your displaced rage.

    I also saw Larry King the other night interviewing Carlos Slim. I thought Slim was an interesting person. A second generation Lebanese-Mexican who has done well buying troubled companies and turning them around for a profit. He has no responsibility, from my perspective, to help his government meet the needs of the poor.

    What Slim does with his money is none of our business. The real issue you should focus upon is why their country is in dire straits. Sadly, a country that lacks a middle class like Mexico and other Latin American countries is where the United States is headed. With the Republicans against providing government relief to the unemployed workers and wanting special gifts for the rich maybe we will end up like the Mexican people. If that were to happen, would Bill Gates or Warren Buffet step in to assist the poor as you would like Slim to act on behalf of the Mexican people?

    Dec 9, 2010 at 12:49 pm
    • The Nite Ranter

      Santafean: Apparently I am in the minority when it comes to giving back to your country when you usurp so much wealth from its poverty paid work force who are your employees. So be it. I think Carlos Slim has multiplied his personal wealth ten thousand (10,000) times over on the backs of his 250,000 employees.

      Just goes to show you what a “dumpfuck” (according to Yuoooo ) TheNiteRanter is !?

      But, back to your question. The burr that I’m sitting on is that Carlos Slim and wealthy individuals such as he who are takers and not givers will always make the TNR’s list, the radar, that you don’t want to be on. I have absolutely no gripe with Carlos Slim developing companies that he buys for nothing and then pumps his wealth into and then reaps the multi-max for his investment. He is the consummate Capitalist in a world of poverty. A really great guy. Think I’ll invite him over for dinner sometime.

      As always I appreciate your insights and comments.
      TNR :=(

      Dec 9, 2010 at 7:05 pm
    • vivien yang/MBA~Global Strategic Advisor

      good thinking… i agree with the statements made above!! there is an answer to Carlos Slim~he is gifted and not many like him or we would not have all these poverty here or in Mexico! Learn from these people~never think the rich owes the society~one needs to get educated and make his own living… U.S. may one day become like Mexico if we do not educate our kids…

      Dec 30, 2010 at 2:45 am
      • The Nite Ranter

        Vivien: I could not agree more with your statement regarding the need to press for the highest level(s) of education for our Nation’s children and young adults. I do, however, feel that a gifted individual such as Carlos Slim has a moral obligation to give back to the country where he has derived his massive wealth.

        For instance, why not institute the building of schools in Mexico, providing free tuition and books for the masses of poorly educated children and adults? Many agree as you do that the rich are not mandated to give back a portion of their wealth. Doing so is something The Nite Ranter feels is both a humanitarian and philanthropic gesture. It just seems like the right thing to do if you are sitting on that kind of massive wealth and you are keeping it (hoarding) for yourself and your immediate family. Personally, it’s hard for me to fathom that Carlos Slim is not somewhat greedy as Mexico is such a poor country.

        Thanks for your thought-provoking comment & for following The Nite Ranter. Much success in your professional endeavors.
        TNR :=)

        Dec 30, 2010 at 12:16 pm
  2. yuoooo

    you are an asshole, just because he is from a developing nation does not mean he cant honestly earn his way to the #1 spot. also just donating cash does less for society than creating jobs(investing), u dumpfuck.

    Dec 4, 2010 at 10:29 pm
    • The Nite Ranter

      Hey yuoooo, thanks for your comment. For the record: Creating “well paying” jobs I applaud…using your poor countrymen to better yourself and NOT giving back to your country & its poor is as I said, “A Slave Lord”. Carlos Slim gives nothing back. He takes. Look it up! It’s fact.

      Enough with your name calling, your putting yourself deeper in the toilet of ignorance. Better yet move to Mexico & work for Carlos Slim. I’m sure you’ll see things from a little different perspective.

      TNR :=(

      Dec 5, 2010 at 2:14 pm
    • Lynne

      Hey yuoooo, this is a place to intelligently exchange opinions, not lower yourself with childish name calling. With that said, you completely missed the mark on what TNR was saying. He wasn’t disparaging how and where he earned his money. He was commenting on what he does WITH his money.

      Dec 5, 2010 at 4:34 pm
      • The Nite Ranter

        Lynne: Your points to “Yuoooo” are well taken and appreciated by TNR :=(
        The fact that Larry King strayed from his normal hard-hitting and penetrating interviewing style of his guest Carlos Slim indicates to me that this money monger may well be a well connected “type” to other forms of Mexican money!? Get my drift? Larry King ain’t stupid & he never delved into the business corporations/operations of the “King of Tortillas”…Carlos Slim.

        If Yuoooo moves to Mexico as I suggested and gets a job in one of Carlos Slims corporations, surely he will let us know the inside truth about “The Richest Man in the World?”

        Don’t hold your breath on that one!

        Dec 5, 2010 at 7:35 pm

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