This “Rant” from The Nite Ranter is the most confounding I have ever attempted. So, Please bear with me.  Short and hopefully to the point. Where is the “Crack-Pot” Preacher today 09/21/10 ?  Tweet

What a start to our American Political News week. The “Three Stooges.” I’m not speaking of the early film icons… Larry, Moe and Curly. The media focus was on the Rally comments of Sarah, Glenn and Newt. They are the 21st Century “Three Stooges!” Tweet

Osama Bin Laden… Remember him? He is the ultimate scourge. He is the person who was the mastermind behind the September 11, 2001, attacks on the United States. He is Osama Bin Laden. Tweet

Friends, The Nite Ranter is hereby stupefied. The Koran burning is off… or is it on? It changes by the hour. General Petraeus, even more stupefied, and sadly the World, waits for the bidding of this E-Bay furniture seller, self-proclaimed Preacher, with no full-time job to change the course of events of the world… Why are […]


911 Tribute

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Take time to pause and remember the innocent people killed, maimed and severely injured  in a horrifying and needless tragedy perpetrated by Islamic Terrorists on the Twin Towers, The Pentagon and in a Pennsylvania field. Tweet

The 2012 Tea Party’s Toilet Ticket “They”… clamor about, praise, drool, salivate, buy her book and virtually can’t get enough of Mama Grizzly… Sarah Palin and now, her latest best bud… Glenn M. Beck. (The “M” is for moron!”) I know… the middle initial is “L”, but I stand behind artistic license! “They”… are the […]