Enter: “Jackie Evancho”
This young lady has added a high note of uplifting spirit and a breath of fresh air to an otherwise downer (Stock Market) news week, for a change.

I’m sick of the weasel politicians in Washington, i.e., Charlie “Dangel” (D), Harry “Breed” (R), Joe “Beiber-man” (I), Sara “Para-Sailin'” (T-Bag) – still in Alaska, thank you, and most of the overpaid, over-stayed incumbent stooges.

And I’m also tired of the media focus on everything bad. Hey guys, here’s a novel news flash… give us a little good from the otherwise dim economy, jobless foreclosure debacle we’ve all inherited from politicians, Wall Street thieves and those darling Banks who each are sunning their ugly mugs on vacations paid for by us… the taxpayer(s).

This young girl is wonderful and, as I said, uplifting.  So, I thought it was an excellent idea to post something good that’s happening these days.

Too bad we can’t feel the same way when we see and hear our political leaders, as we feel watching this amazing young lady sing!

Sit back and enjoy if you missed this… or just enjoy it again.

Jackie Evancho, thank you!