This will be a short Rant from The Nite Ranter… THIS JUST IN: Well, this just about takes the proverbial nut cake. Glenn Beck standing in front of The Lincoln Memorial spouting out his moronic wisdom which is intended to improve media sponsorship, listeners and most importantly money in his pocket. He needs as much […]

Islamophobia and the “M” word are alive and kicking out there! President Obama is an Islamic Muslim…  Um, our first black President is a Muslim immersed in Islam!? Have you contracted Islamophobia? Be cautious, it seems to be a major epidemic! Muslim Islamophobia reaches to the White House and beyond.  This as yet unfounded conjecture […]

To Mosque or Not to Mosque… (to use an old tired cliche) …that is the question. We as a Nation, The President, and most importantly, we the people, are facing an important decision with potentially long reaching outcomes. In putting this Rant together, my colleagues and I have bantered this back and forth from almost […]

Just a quick note from The Nite Ranter… Due to the research required to accurately Rant about these two important topics, this note to Ranter Fans is similar to but not quite like the News Channels telling you with a promo what’s next… and hooking you into five commercials and then waiting to the last […]


Why “Willie”? Why not? Let’s look at this from a historical perspective. We’ve had “Ronnie” aka Ronald Regan (R) the Actor who could have won another Academy Award if the GOP had a vote. He was governor of California, then President, and will live forever with his quote: Mr. Gorbachev… tear down this wall! Tweet


Enter: “Jackie Evancho” This young lady has added a high note of uplifting spirit and a breath of fresh air to an otherwise downer (Stock Market) news week, for a change. I’m sick of the weasel politicians in Washington, i.e., Charlie “Dangel” (D), Harry “Breed” (R), Joe “Beiber-man” (I), Sara “Para-Sailin’” (T-Bag) – still in […]

Sarah Palin puts paw in mouth… Tweet


Hey BP – Here’s your Top Kill!

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Thanks to one of our loyal followers, Les in New Orleans. Tweet

There exists a wonderful culture in the bayous, marshes and watersheds of the Louisiana Gulf Coast. A proud and mostly private people. People who love the water, the land and respect it at all costs. The vast majority of this strong and vibrant culture are descendants of French colonists who first settled here in what […]