Forget about Party preference (D, R, I, or silent majority) for a moment. These elected “goofballs” have been out to lunch far too long. These titans of electoral clout and supposed expertise need to be cast out of their comfortable DC seats. They’ve lost their vision. This assumes that only a handful of them had any vision whatsoever, from the get go… other than power, prestige, TV face-time, four years of fame/shame and lots of easy money!

More importantly, they have lost the vision of Our Country. We own it! Not them! It’s mine & yours! Not theirs!

But back to: Anthony Weiner

Like him or dislike him… Anthony Weiner was right in his righteous RANT to the U.S. Congress. He won that fight. But we as Americans lost our fight and the bill to provide (over nine years past due) support to the first responders was lost.

Most suffer from poor health due to their heroic efforts on 9/11. All was lost and the blue suits are leaving town for Congressional Vacation. Well, maybe the city won’t stink anymore… as they will be away?

But wait…there’s more!
These “Congressional Hot Shot Jerk Wads” come together again to guffaw, fart, sneeze, burp, snooze, yawn and otherwise slither back from vacation in mid to late September.

No big deal. They’re all more than paid in full… and they are provided with the super duper healthcare plan that they and they alone receive as voted for and approved by themselves.

Now, ain’t that special?

They also vote themselves annual raises. Perfect. They enjoy the absolute ultimate in top benefits until they croak even after leaving office. This is sick!

Screw all of us peons. They could care less and everyday that passes says that this is a true statement.

Anthony Weiner was right to scream out at this blatant injustice. I would have done the same. Wouldn’t YOU ?

Here’s my question:
Would you sit still for this kind of improper, rude, criminal-like, uncaring and certainly non-justified treatment of our nation’s finest if you were elected to serve… the People? I think not but weigh in on this issue. I can’t wait to hear your comments & opinion(s).

PS: “Long live The Weiner!”

3 Responses

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  1. Rich

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    Dec 24, 2010 at 11:04 pm
  2. The Santafean

    It’s a very sad time in the life of our country. The corruption in our government is so deep and broad that it makes La Cosa Nostra look like a church choir. It’s all a play for power and control. The powerful of America are the wealthy individuals and corporate America that maintain their wealth by manipulating the system and insuring the poor remain in their place.

    Corporate minions reside in all three branches of government: The Supreme Court recently siding with corporations ruled that corporations had the same first amendment rights as individuals and could contribute unlimited assets to politicians; President Bush and his cronies have fought the regulation of energy, health care, banking, and farm industries; and, of course our elected officials, from both parties, have been a barrier to the passage of comprehensive health care legislation fearing it would impact the profits of the health insurance industry.

    Sadly, in the case of the 9/11 first responders, providing government health care benefits must be tied to the loss of profits by a corporate entity. We will probably never learn the name of that organization or the source of their profits. There is little doubt in my mind that the corporations through their lobbyists have funneled sufficient money to congresspersons to insure the defeat of the bill. Believe it or not, the large corporations for the benefit of the corporations run our country. This country does not belong to “We the people…” any more.

    If we want to return our country to a place where everyone has an opportunity to reap the rewards of their efforts, the government must be changed. Corporate adherence to federal regulations must be policed; loopholes to corporate donations must be closed; and new laws to add teeth to corporate giving, in the light of the Supreme Courts action, should be enacted.

    Our U. S. Senators and Representatives would not welcome a radical change in our government, that is, anything that goes beyond the status quo. If this were to occur, our congressional representatives would have to live within their personal means. And, “that ain’t going to happen.”

    Aug 2, 2010 at 1:18 am
    • The Nite Ranter

      Santafean: Yes, yes, yes!
      I see a political future ahead for you…
      If so, you’ve got my vote!
      TNR :>)

      Aug 2, 2010 at 10:20 am