Forget about Party preference (D, R, I, or silent majority) for a moment. These elected “goofballs” have been out to lunch far too long. These titans of electoral clout and supposed expertise need to be cast out of their comfortable DC seats. They’ve lost their vision. This assumes that only a handful of them had […]

NOTE TO RANTER FANS: I am deviating from my normal Ranting(s) to bring you an up-close and personal two-part series of observations, still photographs, and comments gleaned from my recent trip to New Orleans, The French Quarter, St. Bernard Parish, La Fouche’, Golden Meadow and Grand Isle, Louisiana.  I hope that my comments and personal […]


While my esteemed but small and extremely talented staff are diligently working hard at putting together a two-segment report on The Nite Ranter’s recent visit to the Louisiana Gulf Coast… I can’t just sit on my hands and let this important Rant go by the wayside. Tweet


BREAKING NEWS: Tony Hayward!

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Well, well, well. The little boy CEO of BP PLC is going out… probably to play with his expensive sailboat toys. It’s “take the money and run” time for the sullen, noncompassionate Tony Hayward with the George Hamilton tan. Tweet

Yes… I’m trippin’ out to the front lines of the BP Oil Spill to talk live with the real folks who are hurting from this tragic disaster. I’ll speak to the people on the street like you and me… and get their undiluted, heartfelt comments. I’m also going to the Ninth Ward to look at […]


Women Voters and Sarah Palin

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Since the former Governor of Alaska is on the money-speaking trail for The Tea Party; after giving up her day job in the middle of a “Wasilla” stream… so to speak, several women have asked me to conduct an informal, purely unscientific poll of American women as to their thoughts regarding the losing Vice Presidential […]