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It is with such a heavy heart that I must be the bearer of painful news. The Nite Ranter, a long-time friend and what he liked to call “an equal opportunity offender on the street,” went a final valiant round and lost his battle to the Big C, and its many cruel surgeries, and rants no more.

TNR once started off a post about someone else, which I feel is appropriate for him as well: “As Americans, we have lost one of our great commentators…and no holds barred conversationalists. To say that he will be missed is a trivial understatement.”

Truer words have never been written.

TNR always felt that as Americans we owed it to each other to be more vocal about our society, government, environment, and communities and not to sit on our collective asses and let a “group of idiots” take over the important facets of life.

He loved to make people think, to drag themselves out of the mire of lackadaisical behavior, forcing them to use their brains to form their own opinions. If you take anything from this website and TNR’s past rants, learn to make up your own mind. Don’t just listen to the constant desperate drivel you hear in the media, both social and traditional, and believe everything they say, like a clueless lemming, without looking into the facts. Listen to all sides, investigate, research, and then come up with your own conclusion.

TNR and I would often spend several lively hours ranting about various political, religious, and current events before he got the perfect rant down on “paper” and we had a live post. It has been my honor to be his editor and I will be keeping this site up for as long as possible as a testament to TNR and his “balls to the wall” vocal satire.

TNR wrote a total of 85 posts on TheNiteRanter.com. It’s an amazing glimpse at a small slice of history that deserves to be looked back on, and hopefully, many will read his insightful words and history will not be repeated…

As you’re going about your day and you hear something that just makes your eyes roll… think of how The Nite Ranter would have put his personal spin on what you heard. And then laugh. Because that is how he would want to be remembered, with laughter.

So, with that said… wherever you may be, my friend, rant on.

Signing off with the utmost of respect,
TNR Editor-in-Chief

Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.


Many of you have probably been wondering what the heck happened to our favorite blogger, The Nite Ranter. Well, the great man has finally given me (his loyal and incredibly awesome editor) permission to let everyone know he’s been fighting a major health problem for some time now. He’s a little on the private side so it took him a while to come clean…  (Also, he made me promise not to mention the “C” word so I have to keep my word and not mention the “C” word at all in this rant because I am, after all, a very loyal friend and employee…)

He’s gone through extensive surgery and is waiting to start treatments. He’s a strong man (hey, those rants have to come from somewhere!) and he’s going to be just fine. It’s just going to take a little while for him to get back up to speed and get back into his normal rant mode.

Rest assured, though, he’s been piling up the rants inside of his head so he’ll have plenty to say when we welcome him back to the fold! Hopefully, you’ll be hearing from him as early as this fall when he returns as The Nite Ranter 2.0.

Give it up for the man and please do keep him in your prayers. I’m kinda fond of the fella…

Signing off,
TNR Editor in Chief

Whitney Houston

Whitney Houston, the voice of a century, a woman with the look of a Super Model, is gone. Born in 1963, died in 2012.

This sad news reported first by CNN… Ironically, on the very night that her Manager and Mentor Clive Davis was to host a Grammy Awards dinner attended by anyone who is anyone in the Music Industry.

The Nite Ranter had the opportunity of seeing Whitney once at a live concert back in the mid eighties at Tampa Stadium on the same show as Dianna Ross.

Whitney Houston was a spectacular singer and entertainer.

Her signature tune: “I Will Always Love You”… was written and also recorded by Dolly Parton, who on many occasions has said that Whitney “took my tune to a new level.”

Rest in peace, Whitney Houston.

Don Cornelius, who was the host and brainchild of the infamous Music Television show, “Soul Train,” was found dead in his home today. Cornelius introduced a plethora of burgeoning stars, including  first guest Gladys Knight & The Pips. His show ran with top ratings for 35 star studded years… long before the birth of MTV and VH1.

Don Cornelius (75) died, according to reports, from a self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. He had been suffering for a number of years from an undisclosed illness. Don was a legend, an entrepreneur and was beloved by the Music Industry Family and will surely be missed.

RIP Don Cornelius.

Go back to your “Graceland” or whatever you call your hang-out. But, please don’t stick yourself in our faces again. Thank You… and here’s a special song dedicated just for you.

Now promise The Nite Ranter that you won’t cry, ok?

Tim Tebow crying

Caution: This Rant may get a little long but hopefully not “too” convoluted!

Let me state at the outset that The Nite Ranter is not attacking any specific religious belief in this attempt at relating to this latest pop culture event. The “Tim Tebow” saga seems, for some reason, to have captivated the Nation whereas the Republican Presidential hopefuls have not. The homeless people asking for help have not. The suffering people in Haiti have not. Congress cannot get it and do something and the absolute nothings that are considered reality stars don’t have a clue what I’m talking about… Next!

Tim Tebowing

Tim Tebow is a highly paid quarterback for the NFL Denver Broncos, right? He is not an evangelist, right?

So, why is Tim Tebow allowed by his team & the NFL brass to flaunt his faith in the professional football arena? There are literally hundreds of NFL players who have a faith-based belief. Most are card carrying members of The Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which was formed specifically for athletes.

You see them as a team or separate group kneeling before a game and even sometimes off the field after the game. None of these professional athletes are “showboating” their faith on the field. Over-the- top religious overtures such as displayed on a regular basis by Tim Tebow is what I do not accept as part of the professional game of football.

Tim Tebow literally flaunts his faith like a picket sign at a political protest.

I personally don’t care what faith Tebow is. Great for him that his faith is so meaningful in his life. But, sticking it in everyone’s face each time he does something positive for his team, i.e., a completed pass, a touchdown… um, doing his “job”…

Each time he does his “job” he adopts a prayerful stance; a stance complementing a play that he is paid handsomely to do is just mind-boggling to me. I don’t care if he thinks that when he gets to the pearly gates he’ll be able to rub shoulders with Bear Bryant, “Crazylegs” Hirsch or Vince Lombardi… I’m watching a professional football game… not sitting in “Amen Corner.”

Tebow’s wearing of the eyeliner patch with John 3:16, the Bible passage emblazoned on each, was the end of the line for me. Granted, he has pulled off some (very lucky plays in my estimation that were certainly not interventions from on high) last minute miracles and Tebow has also lost a bunch too.

Don’t forget that Tebow & The Broncos only made it into the NFL playoffs thru a loss from another team. That’s how they got there. That’s what I call fate, not faith! His desperation pass (in overtime) against the Pittsburgh Steelers, was caught by Demaryius Thomas, an outstanding & fast wide receiver. That catch by Thomas was a great athletic play by a very talented wide receiver but we only hear about and see Tim Tebow in the game highlight shows.

Actually, in my opinion, it was a lucky throw on Tebow’s part. But, as with most things Tebow, that too is lost in the accolades. Tim Tebow’s contract with Denver paid him a bonus of
$ 250,000 for that single play.

Look, I really don’t hate the guy… I hate that the guy (and the media) is shoving his faith in my face when I just want to relax and enjoy a professional football game. Charles Barkley says it best: ” Look, the guy is supposed to win. He’s a paid professional. He’s expected to be a high quality NFL quarterback… it has nothing to do with anything else… he should drop it!” I’m paraphrasing Charles Barkley here, but I agree 100%.

If Tim Tebow & Denver beat Tom Brady & New England – Saturday (01/14/12), I’m going to become a born-again, saved by the blood, washed in the holy spirit, speaking in tongues, Bible thumping, spirit-filled, door knockin’, pamphlet pushing, choir singing, hand-shaking… you know what.

Lastly, there are many musical Tebow parodies… the one by Jimmy Fallon as “T-Bowie a spoof depicting David Bowie” is very cool and very funny. Enjoy… or not!


The Nite Ranter is a very sane, rational and, most times, an overly fair individual.  Albeit a little outspoken on some topics… but that is why you guys read my stuff.

“Thank You TNR Readers”  for obliging me by giving me this  forum as a springboard for my thoughts and rantings and bringing them to your attention.  I know you are very busy and so I truly respect the time that you share reading my opinions here.  I try very hard to keep my writing targeted to the more important topics that impact our lives,  as I see them,  in the 21st Century.

In a conversation with a respected friend today… we started discussing what impacts the decisions people make today and why do we as a country tend to be so out of touch and generally off base.

We seem like a bunch of lemmings  (Occupy Wall Street Activists Excluded) marching to the precipice.  It appears to me that  “We” don’t dig into the important stuff today but instead concentrate more on the superficial crap that sells books, impacts TV ratings, propagates shows and, more importantly, the trendy people and marketing niches of those spouting them on the 24/7 cable and satellite networks , each of whom benefit from these endeavors in a big financial way.

We as a people tend to believe just about everything and anything that some “Silver Spoon – quasi-celebrity” says …a “celebrity” who is actually a nobody,  a person who possesses no real talent but only has big money behind them.

For the most part, these are people who are measured only by those within their respective wealthy families that they represent, and what they can do for the networks while  promoting, cross-selling and marketing systems to the maximum hilt.

And all of this crud is continually jammed into our face so that after a while they are positioned as celebs through promotion and crap shows.  They’ll do anything to keep their mugs on our TV screens. It’s a sick and never ending cycle of these creeps.

Enough all ready!?

Let me give you an example.  Recent Book Author and Clothing Designer !?:  Ivanka Trump.

She made it to the top on her own?  Are you serious? “Everyone is going to flip over my coats and my designer clothes line.”

That script was from ol’ Dad.  We’ve all heard it from the “Thump.”  She’s heard it from him for so long she recites it like the “Pledge.”

Can’t you just hear it played out in her mind… Ivanka Trump has worked her ass off to get the recognition she deserves as a best selling Author, TV Personality on the  slop show that her Daddy hosts  “You’re Fired”  Trump show “The Apprentice,”  she’s a managing partner in the all important and worldwide  Trump Organization, a noted clothing Designer, a business woman who cut her teeth in the tough & rough world of  Daddy who’s got the candy and all the cash, so I’m gonna get my share and more no matter what the hell I do…”smile”!

Truth is Daddy…ala “The Comb Over” inherited most if not all of his wealth and dubious clout from his daddy as will Ivanka Thump….oh my!

Ivanka Trump,  you are nothing more than a privileged suck-up and a scavenger feeding off the back-side of the self -imploding Trump empire.  Take that to the bank… Deerie!

I’d better be careful as Daddy may run for President and solve all our — and the world’s — problems. But, we’ll need to tune into his TV show to find out so that his ratings, viewership and bottom line will get fatter for as yet another …no answer. This is the kind of bull shit that Americans are watching and they truly think that this insanely and egotistical mentality is worth watching and listening to.

Some of the other interesting nothings in the news daily are:

The Kardashians, The crew of Jersey Shore, The Mafia Mom & family, Casey Anthony – with a new video Diary being posted on YouTube, Paris Hilton, Justin Beeber, “Dog” The Bounty Hunter, and many, many so called actors, entertainers, lawmaker politicians who for the most part are no better than all these charlatans.  Actually, there are too many to even mention  and, unless you live under a rock,  you know full well who they are.

Come on, people. We are better than this crap. Don’t continue to support them by buying magazines, watching their TV shows, buying their products and being lulled into a dumb zone by supporting their money machines. They are making a mockery of you.

Please wake up and stop this creeping disease that continues to permeate our society. Especially,  in a time when you should be supporting you and yours with your support, values and monetary help.

The Question is:

Will you support these people and enable them to continue succeeding and raking  in massive amounts of fame and money on “your” back?


Breaking News:
The little guy with the sticking up flat top haircut in the medium green leisure suit has kicked the proverbial bucket, breathed his last breath, croaked, succumbed to life as we know it, passed, gone to have lunch with his maker, slipped the pearly bonds of dictatorship, ripped his last one, guzzled his last glass, popped his last cork, blasted his last spitball, had his last Happy Meal, fixed his last flat, made his last deposit and filled his last cavity.

But don’t weep, his kid, the next dictator of N. Korean birth will take his place and all is well. “Let’s party!?”

Kim Jong-Il

Awww… Isn’t he cute? Sleep tight little one and please tell your family that we won’t shed a tear, send a card, no flowers and surely not a big parade. Sorry, but light green leisure suits went out in the late sixties.

JACK “A” went to prison for his actions as the most notoriously successful Washington Lobbyist in modern history. Abramoff served three (3)1/2 years for his somewhat unscrupulous deeds as a Washington insider and was one of the best lobbyists in the history of our country. The guy knows his stuff, even if it is askew to doing things the correct and upstanding way. But… the honest approach will get you nothing in the political corruptness that is manifested throughout our Congressional halls these days.

Jack Abramoff

Good news, he’s out.

So here is The Nite Ranter’s idea that may have some very practical merit in cleaning up and clearing out the politicians and their gravy train ride. As taxpayers, why don’t we use Abramoff’s vast and cunning knowledge to help us fix what is killing our Country through the deeds being perpetrated upon us by Washington politicians?

This man, in the opinion of The Nite Ranter, is a brilliant inside Lobbyist who can provide us a “realistic” look at what goes on in the seedy halls, back rooms, and dinner parties of our mostly corrupt Congressional Elected Leaders. I truly believe Jack “A” is the answer to fixing the political greed and deadlock that we face today in our severely corrupted government.

Create a strategy to circumvent the greedy deals and haul away the political rubbish entrusted to do the business of the people!

This Part 2 “Occupy” segment will shed light on why The Nite Ranter feels that a Washington player just could be the best answer to solving and fixing our problems in this Political mire that we as Taxpayers are being consumed & politically defrauded by Congressional greed and their self-indulgent programs of lifetime gain for themselves.

Here is a current video of former lobbyist Jack Abramoff. The Young Turks Cenk Uygur breaks down clips from his 60 Minutes interview, with comments and eye-popping assessments that outline — in detail — just how it all goes down in Washington from a true, highly successful insider: Jack Abramoff.

Doesn’t that information and how the tactics are prepared and achieved just make you want to revolt?

A campaign to change all the loopholes, innuendos and dirty dealings shaped by the guy who wrote the book on beating that very system could be used for good against the very politicians that still work the system today. Knowledge is power and, like him or not, Jack Abramoff has the knowledge required to turn a corrupt system into what it should be.

If the “Occupy” leadership could latch on to this concept it would go a long way toward putting a corrupt chapter of our history and those who prosper from it in the trash where it, and they, belong.

Here is a laundry list of verified salary information and just how hard these politicians work for it and how they work the system.

5 Financial Perks of Congress You Won’t Believe Are Legal

It is an interesting look at the problems we as a people face that our elected lawmakers have put into place specifically for them to prosper — and prosper very well until death.

What do you think needs to be done to fix Washington? It’s your Country, and mine… let’s fix it!


The Penn State pedophile tragedy by former assistant coach Jerry Sandusky took out an icon, football legend of almost 46 years…head football coach, Joe Paterno.
Joe reported the lurid event, witnessed by a young assistant, to the Penn State College President and several other college officials were made aware of the allegations but turned their heads and Paterno did not notify Police authorities.

Joe Paterno

Joe made his worst call from the sideline in his illustrious career. Not following through to stop this from continuing. For that he lost the game of his life, big time. And for that he was unceremoniously fired by a bunch of sideline trustees who sat in review with nothing better to do than save “their” respective asses. This tragedy runs deep through the Penn State University halls and the legal ramifications are just entering the early stages. Each of the young boys’ families are expected to bring lawsuits against many entities within the Penn State University hierarchy and it appears they have every right to pursue them to the fullest.

Herman Cain

It’s been a week of bombs for the Republican Presidential hopefuls also.
Herman Cain is accused of making sexual advances toward at least four (4) women co-workers or is five (5), or is it more? Hermie says none… and can’t remember any of his accusers, but states that they are all liars and are trying to undermine his Presidential bid, along with the Perry camp, or is it the Democrats? Trying to keep up with his excuses and memory loss will surely sink his ship… excuse me, his “dingy” well offshore.

Rick Perry has a spell, a brain teaser, a brain lapse, a brain freeze… or excuse me, does Perry have a brain?
You can decide and please “Mr. Big Hat No Cattle”… throw in your bandanna!
Thank you.

All Comments about The Nite Ranters’ comments…are accepted.